Sunday, September 27, 2015


is century faces the worst terrorist era in history probably after the WWII ....bloodshed , slaughtering , murder , constant killing of innocent civilians of children , women and men every day ever since the extremists of the wahabi &  salafi movements were founded in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of this century ... these two movements have misinterpreted Islam principles and the Holy Qura'an words according to their own interests and sick thinking ; they have deviated God's words and the Hadiths of  Prophet Mohammed ... they have turned Islam which is a religion of love, mercy , peace and kindness into a religion of slaughtering , terror , murder , rape , brutality and barbarism ...
Their first organization was called Al-Qaida which was founded by the terrorist Bin Laden , a rich Saudi who was backed , supported and sponsored by the Saudi government , USA and the Zionists to stand up for Taliban in Afghanistan ,,, later on they expand their terror throughout the world ,,, 
In 2003 , the bloody USA invaded Iraq ,,so they have transported  Al-Qaida to grow in western Iraq ... Anbar province whose population are extreme sunnis and who have opposed the  new shia government ...most of the sunni families in Anbar welcome Al-Qaida they supported their work - some   families married their daughters to Al- Qaida members...they then started their terrorist crimes by bombing cars , kidnapping people and spreading violence and terror in most Iraqi cities - especially Baghdad .

ISIS , which is the worst and most savage group , then came over to slaughter and behead innocent people not only in Iraq but they expand their crimes internationally ,,,despite all this the support and aid of USA , Saudi government , Qatar , Turkey and UAE  have been going on and thus about a million innocent souls have been lost ...
The whole world knows and still not any action is taken till this moment 
I keep asking the same question again and again : 
" Why doesn't any country take action against Saudi Arabia  and its allies ?" 
I , myself , answer this question : " Because they want to eliminate Islam and the Arabs ." 
The Saudis are Zionists 
Israel is more merciful than Saudi Arabia 
and its allies ...
Because ISIS has never hurt one single Saudi nor an Israeli 

When shall we have PEACE ?
I wonder if we will ...
It seems that we are having a WWII


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