Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life is Too Short

Life Is Too Short 
It Is Not Worth Anything 
Do Not be Jealous Nor Envious
Do Not Be a Hypocrite 
Have Attachment With  Those Whom You Love 
Your Family 
 Friends & Acquaintances 
Tell Them You Love Them
Before It Is Too Late 
Tomorrow  We Will Be  Just A Memory 
Forgive All Those Who Hurt You 
Smile & Do Not Take A Grudge
We Do NOT Know When  We  Will Pass Away 

WHY ???

WHY  ????

We all have,  sometimes,  moments of doubts and frustration about every small bit of details in our life ...even for trivial daily matters ...we keep asking the question that begins with :
WHY ??
Most of all the questions that arises is : 
( Why ME ?? ) 
It seems that we don't know nor realize that each and every single one of us in all this globe is destined to his / her own fate which has been written and decided by GOD even before our own birth ,,,, BUT if you are not a real believer you can never understand this sentence nor be aware of its importance unless you  go through certain experience which you find yourself indulged in despite your being far away from it ....
When pain , care and trouble come suddenly in our life , we think that God is punishing us for something bad we have done ,,, or that we deserve to have a sad or bad  life because we have previously sinned ,,, did n't obey God ,,,many ideas and thoughts come across our minds to justify the cause behind the troubles or problems we are facing ....but :
the truth is God loves us and therefore He wants us to be strong as He and only He knows what will happen to us after that ,,, 
If we read the stories of all prophets and messengers of God , we see that they all suffered and  had difficulties ,,,they passed through torture , oppression and unbelievable problems which gave them patience , tolerance and strength ....
We are human beings and surely our patience is far less than prophets and messengers of God ,,,yet we still can be patient and we can endure illness , suffering , oppression and hard times as long as we believe that the Almighty God is there for us and that He will never let us down ....
When I look back at my life , I still can't believe that I had been through all the hardships all alone and that I have passed all these problems and suffering and now I have become  stronger and that I am still OK ,,, nothing wrong except the painful bitter memories which were caused by the closest people and nearest ones to my heart and soul ...
I have learned a very difficult lesson  which made me realize that good , kind , pure , innocent , honest and decent woman can't live in this world because there are wild wolves all around ...  have learned that the more humane , humble and simple a person is the more people use him / her ....I have learned that goodness could be  a sin in a society where people have   vicious,  malicious and cruel hearts and souls ,,,,I have learned the hardest way - not the hard way that men - even the most educated are very selfish ,,, I have learned to stay away from people after being so good , so generous, so kind and unbelievably merciful , loving , caring and honest ... all I got in return was ungratefulness, deceit , cheating  and hurt ...
Now , after looking back at all this long - term experience of decades I feel so relieved that a burden has been lifted off my back or shall I say my life or the rest of my life ...
Do I have any regrets   ???
No , I have no regrets because it was an awakening to me ...
God loves me and I always say this after all the agony and pain , bitterness and illness , loneliness and abundance , ...
I have learned my lesson and let all those who hurt me live with a remorse that - I am sure -  is killing them slowly ...if not now then the day of judgment - Domesday will be soon wherein we will all be judged by the Almighty God ...
I wonder .... what will those people and those who have hurt others say to Him ???
Sometimes , living all alone by yourself save you the trouble of being used and abused ...

Carole Samaha - Wahshani Bladi VC / كارول سماحه - وحشاني بلادي

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Innocent Victims of War

The Innocent Victims of War

The tragic death & slaughtering of thousands of Iraqis ,

 Syrians , Afghans , Libyans & Yemenis … for a decade have

 been a blank to the whole world - it was only the photo of 

angel Alyan Kurdi may his soul rest in peace that have 

suddenly shocked the world … I , myself cried when I saw 

the photo but I have crying for a decade for all those innocent 

victims of babies ; children , young men& women , elderly

 people ,,,civilians who have nothing to do with politics ,

The media has played a great part this time to show the 

governments & politicians what it is like to be under the

 hammer of the west ‘s real policy …ISIS & all other terrorist 

organizations have been founded sponsored & supported by 

USA & its allies – the Saudis , Qataris , Turks & other 


Until this moment the USA is supporting violence ,,,,The 

Saudis & ISIS are slaughtering & bombing innocent civilians 




Whatever our nationality , religion, color & origin is ----we are

GOD created us and He gave us the right to live ,,,it is only

 HE who can take our souls ,,,
May all martyrs of the whole world RIP …
May the politicians’ conscious wake up …
May we all live in PEACE & LOVE …

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