Friday, May 02, 2014

My Mother -1-

My Mother
My mother was like no other ,,,,she lived for us ,,,,she never thought of herself nor cared for herself ...we her children were her own life ,,her existence and therefore to make us happy ,,or at least that was what she thought in her good & instinctive make up or nature ... she was ready to do anything just to make us content and pleased - to the extent that she would rather displease our father than to displease us ,,,in other words she would sacrifice her own welfare for ours ..
When I was a young child of may be four or five , she used to bring me a lot of sweet , candy and drops which I love so much ,,,she used to give me the biggest portion of all ,,,I still remember how she would pick the small red pomegranates to me because I love that sort ,,,the  small pinkish tomatoes ,,,she treated me differently ,,,was it because I was the youngest ,,,I was small, thin and very fragile .

I remember that I used to cry a lot and that what my two elder sisters and mother told me as well ,,I just don't remember why ...though both my parents treated me very kindly , loved me and spoiled me but in a good sense ,, I remember that my mother was so compassionate and caring ,,, I spent more time with her than my other siblings because I was the youngest of the girls ,,,,
My mother was a very good story teller ...I loved her stories and fables ,, when my two elder sisters went to school ,,I would stay with her ,,sometimes she used to go shopping and I remember how she carried me over her shoulder ,,I would look from above to the street , market place , people and everything ,,,it was another world ,,,for me it was a great pleasure ,,I would put my tiny little hand / hands over my mother's head and enjoy the scenes as a queen who holds the world with her arms ...that was my world only which no one else could share ,,,it all belonged to me ..

When we reach home , mother would put me down ,,and starts sorting the shopping stuff ,,she would bring me a plate ,, choose the most  beautiful small red  pomegranates and cut them   into pieces which she called them "cocks' and present them to me in a very attractive way to eat  ,,, I also liked tomatoes -  sometimes I would want to eat tomatoes so she would choose the small hard one sand put them for me to eat ,I would sit on my small chair in front of her and start eating while she sorts the vegetables and fruits ,,,of course she would have given me my sweets and candy to put next to me in another plate ,,,while I begin eating , I would keep looking at her with my wide big eyes ,,,she knows that look ,, I would be urging her to start  telling me her lovely stories which I adore ,,,
When my mother tells those fables and stories which were so enchanting and fascinating , I would travel to another world ,,A world of  incredible magic ,,,my imagination was so vivid ,,I lived in that world of beautiful scenarios ,,a world that has filled my mind with all sorts of feelings ,,love , happiness , greenness , bravery , chivalry , loyalty , beauty  , pleasure , victory - sadness, greediness ,hatred , infidelity, cowardice ,misery ,, failure  ,,, the way she portrayed those fables was so good that I still remember almost all the details  and I would fly away with my imagination to another world wherein I could be the hero or the heroin of each story ,,, the way she presented the them gave me a sense of reality ,,, helped me distinguish between good and bad ,,, then how virtue overcomes vice  and nourished my ethics and morals 

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