Sunday, March 23, 2014




When the Almighty God sends His messengers and prophets to His creations ; His people His aim is to lead them to the right way in their life  to guide their steps on the right way ,,, however some follow these instructions and guide lines but others do not ...Moses brought the Old Testament to Judaism ; Jesus brought the Bible to Christianity  and Mohammed (SAWS) brought the Qura'an  to Islam  ....these Holy Books reveal the principles of all three religions guiding the followers to the right way ...whoever follow these books go on the right way . This is why long time ago peace and serenity were spread almost all over the world ,,, 
By time things changed and people started going away from the real religions ,,, it is not only the rituals that make a good or a bad  person ... when we follow the right guide lines our souls are filled with serenity and peace f mind ,,, we become more quiet and calmness fill our mind and hearts thus we do not make mistakes  nor do we hurt others ,,, this is because being a believer makes one more conscientious and  righteous ... 
Good believers never harm nor hurt others ,, they are just and virtuous ; calm and contended with whatever they have ,, they can face difficulties with patience and tolerance ...they help others ,, they are kind and serene ....
When time passed by people  drifted away from religions and principles ,,, they tend to be more selfish and cruel ,, egoism ,,, selfishness and greed overruled their  thinking and life ,,,so wars started to be almost everywhere ...differences occur but one should respect  other people's ideas and opinions with no grudge ,,but because they are impatient - people started quarrelling with each others ,,
If I make a mistake , I do not admit it ,,, if I hurt others ,, I have no remorse ,,,the world changed again into a barbarian   jungle wherein the strong overcome and dominate ,,, things become worse than before ,,,governments become more vicious and people as well ,,, so wars ,  invasions  ,civil wars ,killing , slaughtering ,, terror and violence become the most prominent characteristic of this age ,,, brutality and evil dominate our life ,,,religion become just a name ,, the majority of people adopt new issues  of comprehending  and justifying their wrong deeds ,,,what was once a crime has become now a right and a sort of defence ,,, all kinds of misleading excuses are given to approve the wrong acts ,,, thus we all suffer no matter who the good are or who the bad are !!!!!
In this respect , I think that  those who admit that they do not believe in any religion yet they are righteous and behave correctly should be  respected much more than those who brag about being religious no matter what their religious is .....
I wonder whether I make  a point here or not ?????

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