Monday, October 06, 2014


Wake Up World 

Hopefully soon the whole world not only Iraq and Syria will get rid of those barbarian savages  ,, ISIS ,,Al - Qaida and all other terrorist organizations …BUT what is so STRANGE is that those BLOODY groups have been SLAIUGHTERING Iraqis  and Syrians - Muslims for MONTHS ,, or even more yet not a single finger from the WEST  was raised  ,,, however when only ONE and only one US person have been killed and I am so sympathetic with  him and his family ,may his soul rest in peace ,, I know it is a CRIME whether the VICTIM was a USA citizen ,, a foreigner ,, an Arab ,, a Muslim ,, a non- Muslim ,, a Christian ,, a  Jewish ,,, a black ,, a white ,, whoever and whatever  ,, they are all VICTIMS and they deserve LIFE because GOD has created us all and it is only HE who can take our souls ,, no one  has the right to take a soul ,,, these SAVAGES ( ISIS) have been supported and sponsored by the USA ,,Israel & their BLOODY allies  the Saudis ,Qataris and Turkish  ,,, they called themselves Muslims but they have NOTHING to do with ISLAM ,,,the religion of ( SALAM) which means  PEACE ….

When the THREAT and DANGER was near the 

USA ,, they 

become so FURIOUS ,, they DECIDED To 

STOP this terror ,, in 

this way the world would CONSIDER the WEST 

,,, the ONE and 

ONLY savior ,,, what an irony ,, more than a

 million  Iraqis  & 

Syrians have been slaughtered ,,, murdered by 



Organizations and nothing happened ,,,

WAKE up WORLD the USA ,,, UK ,, other  

western and 

European countries are not HEROES ,,, they are




SAVAGES ….they have helped this savage 

movement to grow 

and spread its terror and violence ,,,

By the way now the TERRORIST movements are moving to India 
,,,,after realizing that their place here is no more safe…….

I hope that all TERRORISTS rot in HELL …

May Peace fill our hearts and life 

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