Monday, October 06, 2014

Brutality and Savagery

Brutality  and Savagery 
Why do some human beings behave in a very  bad manner? 
Why do some people become  savages and behave brutally ?
Why are some people cruel and evil ?
Why do some people have  devils inside them?
Why are there criminal minds ? 
Why and why and why ???
I have been writing articles ever since ISIS or ISIL or whatever names those BLOODY groups call themselves  ; I have thinking over and reading books ; analyzing and reviewing ; asking and researching ; discussing and negotiating ,,,, yet all my results have been poured in one pot ..... background of psychological problems ,,, all those criminals have criminal minds and psychological disorder ,,, they have personal issues and they are not really normal ... writing this does not come from theories but from practice and reality .
In our life we know people of our own families , neighbours , relatives , acquaintances and friends ...if we realize the true feelings and inside souls of each and every single one of those close to us , we come to realize that inside each person there are so many complicated feelings and emotion ,,, some have hatred , envy and evil spirit which overcome goodness , love , kindness and mercy .. those tend to have violent temper ,,,angry behaviour and so this evil come out in their actions at home with their nearest and dearest ...once there is an  atmosphere and environment that helps feed this evil ,,, they can easily turn into terrorists and thus they behave brutally and turn into mad criminals who find slaughtering and killing as the one and only outlet to express their madness ,,,
 In addition to that there is brainwash and financial problems which contribute a lot to turn those ill - minded people into professional criminals and killers ...
Our world has turned into HELL because such terrorists are increasing in number all over the whole world ...
We need a  psychological revolution ;  a new practice todefeat these criminals and start treating all those children who suffer from mental and psychological disorder ,,, help them overcome their inferiority complexes ,,, hatred , jealousy , envy ,, and all those passive and negative emotions  which they can not treat by themselves alone ...
 I do hop ethat our world will get rid of all those terrorists as soon as possible nad thet w elive again in PEACE & LOVE ...

 I wish that w eget rid completely of terror and violence all over the world and PEACE fill the whole glob...

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