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Wake Up World 

Hopefully soon the whole world not only Iraq and Syria will get rid of those barbarian savages  ,, ISIS ,,Al - Qaida and all other terrorist organizations …BUT what is so STRANGE is that those BLOODY groups have been SLAIUGHTERING Iraqis  and Syrians - Muslims for MONTHS ,, or even more yet not a single finger from the WEST  was raised  ,,, however when only ONE and only one US person have been killed and I am so sympathetic with  him and his family ,may his soul rest in peace ,, I know it is a CRIME whether the VICTIM was a USA citizen ,, a foreigner ,, an Arab ,, a Muslim ,, a non- Muslim ,, a Christian ,, a  Jewish ,,, a black ,, a white ,, whoever and whatever  ,, they are all VICTIMS and they deserve LIFE because GOD has created us all and it is only HE who can take our souls ,, no one  has the right to take a soul ,,, these SAVAGES ( ISIS) have been supported and sponsored by the USA ,,Israel & their BLOODY allies  the Saudis ,Qataris and Turkish  ,,, they called themselves Muslims but they have NOTHING to do with ISLAM ,,,the religion of ( SALAM) which means  PEACE ….

When the THREAT and DANGER was near the 

USA ,, they 

become so FURIOUS ,, they DECIDED To 

STOP this terror ,, in 

this way the world would CONSIDER the WEST 

,,, the ONE and 

ONLY savior ,,, what an irony ,, more than a

 million  Iraqis  & 

Syrians have been slaughtered ,,, murdered by 



Organizations and nothing happened ,,,

WAKE up WORLD the USA ,,, UK ,, other  

western and 

European countries are not HEROES ,,, they are




SAVAGES ….they have helped this savage 

movement to grow 

and spread its terror and violence ,,,

By the way now the TERRORIST movements are moving to India 
,,,,after realizing that their place here is no more safe…….

I hope that all TERRORISTS rot in HELL …

May Peace fill our hearts and life 

Brutality and Savagery

Brutality  and Savagery 
Why do some human beings behave in a very  bad manner? 
Why do some people become  savages and behave brutally ?
Why are some people cruel and evil ?
Why do some people have  devils inside them?
Why are there criminal minds ? 
Why and why and why ???
I have been writing articles ever since ISIS or ISIL or whatever names those BLOODY groups call themselves  ; I have thinking over and reading books ; analyzing and reviewing ; asking and researching ; discussing and negotiating ,,,, yet all my results have been poured in one pot ..... background of psychological problems ,,, all those criminals have criminal minds and psychological disorder ,,, they have personal issues and they are not really normal ... writing this does not come from theories but from practice and reality .
In our life we know people of our own families , neighbours , relatives , acquaintances and friends ...if we realize the true feelings and inside souls of each and every single one of those close to us , we come to realize that inside each person there are so many complicated feelings and emotion ,,, some have hatred , envy and evil spirit which overcome goodness , love , kindness and mercy .. those tend to have violent temper ,,,angry behaviour and so this evil come out in their actions at home with their nearest and dearest ...once there is an  atmosphere and environment that helps feed this evil ,,, they can easily turn into terrorists and thus they behave brutally and turn into mad criminals who find slaughtering and killing as the one and only outlet to express their madness ,,,
 In addition to that there is brainwash and financial problems which contribute a lot to turn those ill - minded people into professional criminals and killers ...
Our world has turned into HELL because such terrorists are increasing in number all over the whole world ...
We need a  psychological revolution ;  a new practice todefeat these criminals and start treating all those children who suffer from mental and psychological disorder ,,, help them overcome their inferiority complexes ,,, hatred , jealousy , envy ,, and all those passive and negative emotions  which they can not treat by themselves alone ...
 I do hop ethat our world will get rid of all those terrorists as soon as possible nad thet w elive again in PEACE & LOVE ...

 I wish that w eget rid completely of terror and violence all over the world and PEACE fill the whole glob...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Peace be upon you - Kathem Al-Saher كاظم الساهر - سلام عليك

الهام المدفعي-موطني

صرخة توعية للعراقيين

صرخة  توعية  للعراقيين 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحمن الرحيم 
ان كنتم حقا تؤمنون بالله العلي العظيم و بأي دين وان كنتم يا ايها السملون حقا مسلمون توقفوا عن اثاره النعرات ونشر التفرقه وكفانا دماء بريئه وزكيه مهدوره وكفانا تشريد وحروب لا داع لها ايها العراقيون الشرفاء اين عقولكم مهما كنتم واينما كنتم ...ان الوطنيه ليست شعار ولا اسم انها تصرف ...انها اخلاق... كفى نشر الفيديوات والشعارات التي تثير العداء - هذا سني وذاك شيعي وانظروا الى هذا الفيديو... وهل رأيتم مايقول الشيعه... وهل شاهدتم ما يعمل السنه - بالله عليكم عودوا الى رشدكم وتوقفوا من بث هذه السموم التي اراد لكم العدو ان تنشروها ... كلنا عراقيون كلنا نحب هذا البلد الجريح وكلنا كنا ولا نزال نعيش فيه ومن ترك البلاد منا لاسباب قاهره فاهله لا زالوا هناك .... أرحموا انفسكم وأرحموا اهاليكم وعودوا الى كلام الله وكتاب الله ودعونا نعيش في سلام ولا تجعلوا هؤلاء الارهابيون المجرمون يفرقوكم يا أعزائي . فبيوتنا فيها اب شيعي وام سني أو أب سني وام شيعيه والكل يعيش في صفاء منذ الاف السنوات . فماذا حل بنا بين يوم وليله . فالله يحب السلام وبلادنا كانت تسمى بلاد السلام ... اعلموا أن كل من ينشر صوره أو فلم أو فيديو فهو يحث على التفرقه وهو عدو للعراق وليس له ضمير وليس له مبادئ وليس في قلبه ذره من الحب وليس له من الاسلام ألا الاسم وحاله حال من يشعل النار في جسد انسان حي ... انها حركه صهيونيه نشرها أعداء الاسلام كي يقضي على الاسلام فلا تنجرفوا وراء تيار الشر 

أن الداعي الى السوء او الشر كفاعله أنتم تحرضون على القتل والعداوات... بالله عليكم هل سيقبل الله صلواتكم وصيامكم 
وقيامكم ؟؟؟ أشك في ذلك ,,,

حين ترجل جورج بوش من الجوبر على ارض العراق

 بعد غزو العراق عام 2003 تفوه بجمله لن انساها ولن

 ينساها اي انسان شريف وتلك الجمله لا زالت ترن في اذني

 كالصاعقه قال بالحرف الواحد


لقد حررنا العراق ... ثم ضحك وقال - سني - شيعي – كردي

تلك هي الخطه لتفرقه العراق

وها نحن الان متفرقون

فالشمال قد انفصل تماما عن البلاد واصبح بلاد اخرى

 لا نستطيع نحن العراقيون العرب ان ندخله الا 

 بفيزا ....بتذكره

 تزكيه او ترافل بيرمت  

ونحن في باقي اجزاء البلاد اصبحنا لا هم لنا سوى

 هذه العصبيه 

القبليه والنعره الطائفيه

لقد نجحت الخطه الصهيوينه الامريكيه

وانتم تشجعون ذلك وتثيرون الفتنه وتنشرون الاحقاد 

بالله عليكم توقفوا عن كل ما يثير الضغائن والاحقاد والفتنه

 وانشروا الحب والسلام فالله ورسله ونبيه

وآل بيت النبي والصحابه لن يقبلوا لكم كل هذه الاعمال السيئه

 قال الله تعالى في كتابه العزيز :

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم : 

( من جاء بالحسنة فله عشر أمثالها ومن جاء بالسيئة فلا يجزى إلا مثلها وهم لا يظلمون )

فلا تنشروا السوء وانشروا السلام والحسنات ...

أتحبون ان تدخلوا النار أم الجنة ؟؟؟

اللهم أهدنا جميعا لعمل الخير وترك السوء والشر 

أن الداعي الى السوء او الشر كفاعله أنتم تحرضون على القتل والعداوات... بالله عليكم هل سيقبل الله

 صلواتكم وصيامكم وقيامكم ؟؟؟ أشك في ذلك ,,,

رمضان على الابواب افضل الاشهر عند الله انتم تحرضون بعضكم على بعض بالقتل والشر والسوء والعدوان ....
عودوا الى رشدكم اخواني واخواتي 

انشروا السلام بالله عليكم وكفوا عن نشر الاشاعات وترويجها وكفوا عن نشر اي شي يؤدي الى اثاره
 الفتنه ..

اللهم اهدنا واحمي بلادنا من الهجمة الصهيونيه التي ارادت لنا التفرقه وارادت لبلادنا الحبيبه الدمار ...أدعو

 الباري ان يخلصنا من هذا الشر الذي حل ببلادنا الحبيبه 

اللهم صل على محمد وعلى آل محمد كما صليت على ابراهيم وعلى آل ابراهيم انك حميد مجيد 

اللهم بارك على محمد وعلى آل محمد كما باركت على أبراهيم وعلى آل أبراهيم أنك حميد مجيد 

اللهم فرج عنا يا رب العالمين انت القادر على كل شئ قدير 

اللهم احفظ بلادنا وأهالينا في العراق 

اللهم أهدنا الى الصراط المستقيم 

اللهم اجعل الحب والسلام في قلوبنا وفي وطننا 

نضال مهدي النقاش

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Why Do People Judge Others????

Why Do People Judge Others ???

In our time there has been a trend ,,, a fashion ,,, a way of judging others without even being able to realize what have those been through ....

Last week  a Friend of mine whose friendship goes back almost  thirty years  ago was helping me to move to a new apartment for which I was and still am grateful and thankful because the place needed a lot of work and without her & her husband , I wouldn't have been able to do it all by myself ,,, I told  them all this and I kept expressing and gratitude and thanks ,, I still praying to them and thanking them every time I see them ,,, I even kissed her own hand( WHICH I HAVE NEVER DONE  BEFORE IN ALL MY LIFE TO ANY ONE , may be ONLY to my father & mother ) ,,,
I have been through very difficult time on my personal life with my spouse who left me after 20 years with no reason to marry another woman and who made me leave my  home and consequently leave my  country ,,, I was displaced ... i have been through  the most difficult time a woman can pass through all by her self ,,, i am not 20 years old neither am I in good health so any one can imagine my situation travelling from one country to another seeking asylum and trying to settle down ,,,I  then had thyroid cancer and have to go through operations and treatment all alone ,, I was and still am supporting myself from my own saving of my salaries when I used to work ,,,I faced so many difficulties and hardships which can turn any one - let alone women - mad BUT with PATIENCE & FAITH in God I  tolerated all these five years ,,,
When I mentioned  in front of my friend my spouse's name and how he caused me all this and she knows all about it ,,, she got mad at me and started shouting and saying to me in a very bad and loud tone ,,  Do you think I am happy ???and then she started talking and moaning and lamenting her own luck ,,,though she has a very nice  , kind and helpful husband who has been hen pecked by her during all their  thirty years of marriage ,,, he never refused her a request ,,, she always nags at him and quarrels with him and he keeps silent ,,,
well , till here nothing unusual because I am well aware of her nature and personality and I know that she always tries to look as the bad luck girl who should have got a better marriage and she has always been comparing herself with those above her in everything ,,, in fact she always overestimates herself and that is her own concern ...
Throughout my life , people have described me of all sorts of positive and good things ,,,kind , compassionate , helpful, pious, delicate , good - hearted , gentle , generous ,,,beloved , loving , caring ,,, understanding ,,, wise and thank Goodness no one ever called me anything bad ,,,all this is of course due to my personality and conduct with people ,,whether my family , Friends , relatives , colleagues at work , students , trainees ,, bosses ,, 
HERE come the big surprise when my friend suddenly in all her bad mood shouting turned to me and said - You are complicated ,, you are complex ed and even my family know that ,,,
I looked at her with gazing open eyes and said nothing ,,,,
Tears went on my cheeks like drops of heavy rain ,,, she looked at me and said in a very harsh and loud voice:
" Why are you crying ??? Yes  you are complicated ...
That night I cried and cried on my pillow ,,, I wished I could tell some one who knows me  about that  ,,, but who to tell and what for ,,, what difference will it make even if I tell any one 
I wonder  why do people JUDGE  others and how can anyone put themselves into others ' shoes if they have not been through their journey ,,,

That word still makes an ECHO into my ears ,,,  days passed and then one day I told her .... so you think I am complicated ,,, have you been through what I have been through ... ???? She looked at me ironically and said nothing with a mean  vicious  yellow smile on her face ,, I realized ,,now she is victorious ,,, she must have emptied her venom inside my soul to get her revenge ,,, I know she is always jealous of me ever since we knew each other - when they moved to the neighbourhood and she she heard that  I was studying  in England , she went to my mother  and  asked her  if it was OK to take my address to write to me and get to know me and be friend with me   ,,, then my mother called me and said that there was a new people coming next door and there was a young girl as my age who wants to write to me so I said OK ,,, this is how we get to know each other ,,, when I  finished my studies and  went back home we became friends but she was always trying to copy me ,,, I helped her a lot in her post graduate studies but she never mentioned nor said a word of thanks ,,,she has been a benefited  person all through  they years and now it is the first time that she is doing me this favour ,,,
Now my question is :

Wouldn't it be better if one mind  his / her own business ???

Friday, May 02, 2014

My Mother -1-

My Mother
My mother was like no other ,,,,she lived for us ,,,,she never thought of herself nor cared for herself ...we her children were her own life ,,her existence and therefore to make us happy ,,or at least that was what she thought in her good & instinctive make up or nature ... she was ready to do anything just to make us content and pleased - to the extent that she would rather displease our father than to displease us ,,,in other words she would sacrifice her own welfare for ours ..
When I was a young child of may be four or five , she used to bring me a lot of sweet , candy and drops which I love so much ,,,she used to give me the biggest portion of all ,,,I still remember how she would pick the small red pomegranates to me because I love that sort ,,,the  small pinkish tomatoes ,,,she treated me differently ,,,was it because I was the youngest ,,,I was small, thin and very fragile .

I remember that I used to cry a lot and that what my two elder sisters and mother told me as well ,,I just don't remember why ...though both my parents treated me very kindly , loved me and spoiled me but in a good sense ,, I remember that my mother was so compassionate and caring ,,, I spent more time with her than my other siblings because I was the youngest of the girls ,,,,
My mother was a very good story teller ...I loved her stories and fables ,, when my two elder sisters went to school ,,I would stay with her ,,sometimes she used to go shopping and I remember how she carried me over her shoulder ,,I would look from above to the street , market place , people and everything ,,,it was another world ,,,for me it was a great pleasure ,,I would put my tiny little hand / hands over my mother's head and enjoy the scenes as a queen who holds the world with her arms ...that was my world only which no one else could share ,,,it all belonged to me ..

When we reach home , mother would put me down ,,and starts sorting the shopping stuff ,,she would bring me a plate ,, choose the most  beautiful small red  pomegranates and cut them   into pieces which she called them "cocks' and present them to me in a very attractive way to eat  ,,, I also liked tomatoes -  sometimes I would want to eat tomatoes so she would choose the small hard one sand put them for me to eat ,I would sit on my small chair in front of her and start eating while she sorts the vegetables and fruits ,,,of course she would have given me my sweets and candy to put next to me in another plate ,,,while I begin eating , I would keep looking at her with my wide big eyes ,,,she knows that look ,, I would be urging her to start  telling me her lovely stories which I adore ,,,
When my mother tells those fables and stories which were so enchanting and fascinating , I would travel to another world ,,A world of  incredible magic ,,,my imagination was so vivid ,,I lived in that world of beautiful scenarios ,,a world that has filled my mind with all sorts of feelings ,,love , happiness , greenness , bravery , chivalry , loyalty , beauty  , pleasure , victory - sadness, greediness ,hatred , infidelity, cowardice ,misery ,, failure  ,,, the way she portrayed those fables was so good that I still remember almost all the details  and I would fly away with my imagination to another world wherein I could be the hero or the heroin of each story ,,, the way she presented the them gave me a sense of reality ,,, helped me distinguish between good and bad ,,, then how virtue overcomes vice  and nourished my ethics and morals 

Sunday, March 23, 2014




When the Almighty God sends His messengers and prophets to His creations ; His people His aim is to lead them to the right way in their life  to guide their steps on the right way ,,, however some follow these instructions and guide lines but others do not ...Moses brought the Old Testament to Judaism ; Jesus brought the Bible to Christianity  and Mohammed (SAWS) brought the Qura'an  to Islam  ....these Holy Books reveal the principles of all three religions guiding the followers to the right way ...whoever follow these books go on the right way . This is why long time ago peace and serenity were spread almost all over the world ,,, 
By time things changed and people started going away from the real religions ,,, it is not only the rituals that make a good or a bad  person ... when we follow the right guide lines our souls are filled with serenity and peace f mind ,,, we become more quiet and calmness fill our mind and hearts thus we do not make mistakes  nor do we hurt others ,,, this is because being a believer makes one more conscientious and  righteous ... 
Good believers never harm nor hurt others ,, they are just and virtuous ; calm and contended with whatever they have ,, they can face difficulties with patience and tolerance ...they help others ,, they are kind and serene ....
When time passed by people  drifted away from religions and principles ,,, they tend to be more selfish and cruel ,, egoism ,,, selfishness and greed overruled their  thinking and life ,,,so wars started to be almost everywhere ...differences occur but one should respect  other people's ideas and opinions with no grudge ,,but because they are impatient - people started quarrelling with each others ,,
If I make a mistake , I do not admit it ,,, if I hurt others ,, I have no remorse ,,,the world changed again into a barbarian   jungle wherein the strong overcome and dominate ,,, things become worse than before ,,,governments become more vicious and people as well ,,, so wars ,  invasions  ,civil wars ,killing , slaughtering ,, terror and violence become the most prominent characteristic of this age ,,, brutality and evil dominate our life ,,,religion become just a name ,, the majority of people adopt new issues  of comprehending  and justifying their wrong deeds ,,,what was once a crime has become now a right and a sort of defence ,,, all kinds of misleading excuses are given to approve the wrong acts ,,, thus we all suffer no matter who the good are or who the bad are !!!!!
In this respect , I think that  those who admit that they do not believe in any religion yet they are righteous and behave correctly should be  respected much more than those who brag about being religious no matter what their religious is .....
I wonder whether I make  a point here or not ?????

Saturday, March 22, 2014



When you have difficulties ,,, time seem so long ,,, things seem so gloomy ,,, if you have an trivial or slight trouble , you think that you are the king of sadness and misery ,,, if you are a cold ,, you think that it is the END of the world ,,, well ,, you tend to exaggerate in everything and that is because your  spirit and soul ,, your brain and mental state  ,,, your faith and belief are all  weak,,, thus you are unable to do anything ,,, you fail  even to do any simple act which you have done thousands of times ...this could be very frustrating and sometimes it leads to confusion resulting disturbance and  worry ....
When we have problems usually our minds are full of thoughts and our souls are restless,,having faith  , belief and confidence make us strong and raise our morals ,,so we tend to see things clearly ,, estimate matters as they really are not under / nor over their sizes ...
Believing  in GOD is a blessing and a bliss  because our hearts and minds become very stable and serenity fill us with peace in mind and tranquillity so we can think clearer  and act  better - no matter how difficult the situation is ... having cancer can be the worst thing that could any one face yet ,I diagnosed myself with it though I am not a doctor nor a specialist ,,, and what was s my reaction when the specialist confirms it ,,, nothing ,,, YES ,, nothing ,,not because I expected it ,,, nor because I am such a scientific person who knows the medical procedures ,,, BUT because I am a  BELIEVER ,,, because I always believe that GOD is there for me and I will NEVER ever forget the sentence my father - God bless his soul - told me one day , he said : " Whatever God does is good " ...
Actually that is very true ,,, sometimes we yearn to have certain matters or things but we can not get them and we feel sad or sorry about that ,,, but we never realize that what is meant to be for us will be and what is not meant to be for us will never be and here comes the miracles of GOD who knows what is good and what is bad for us ,,, it has been mentioned in the HOLY Qura'n  :
( You like a matter and it is bad for you and you have another thing and it is good for you )
All I want to say here is that we have  always to be  calm,, have faith and belief in God  to fill our souls ,hearts and  minds with serenity and peace of mind will help us solve even the most difficult  problems ,,, we must be patient in order to endure whatever we face ,, by all these and time everything will go away even if it takes  a long time .. at the end we will get to our goals without frustration nor psychological troubles.....

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