Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Baghdad Is Burning ,,,,,Again

Baghdad Is Burning ,,,,Again 

My beautiful city ,,, my hometown ,,, my beloved BAGHDAD  is burning again ,,, all Iraq is on fire EXCEPT the KURDISH cities of course ,,,,having been away from Baghdad, my heart aches every minute I switch on the TV to watch the news ,,,every day explosions and blasts ,,a new era of terror and slaughtering have come wherein the USA government have achieved its malicious bloody plans to carry on the long - term plot of destroying Iraq ,,,ten years of destruction and terror was not enough to the USA gangsters ,,,the vampires of the twenty first century ,,,the wolves in sheep skin coats ,, the slaughterers of the new world and new age have come with  a new step of freeing  more than 1000  terrorists and worst criminals who have been  imprisoned  in  the notorious Abu Ghraib  prison  for dangerous crimes  as well as those in Al-Taji prison - the same plan have been adopted to let more than 500 criminals free from a Pakistani prison  ,,,,how can this happen so easily unless there were perfect plans to achieve this act from professional people - especially that  these  prisons were very carefully guarded and supposed to have been well  protected  against such escape operations   ... 
It is CRYSTAL CLEAR that the escape has been arranged and planned for from higher powerful influential groups and no doubt they are supported by ???? upstairs .....well ..all these are part of a plan by the USA which then started implementing another step by closing all its embassies in  Iraq and  Pakistan,,, then to camouflage all this , the USA extends closing its embassies in almost 22 countries claiming that it is for the security of its citizens and because of the threats  they have got ,,,
Soon after  those criminals escaped from Abu Ghraib & Al-Taji prisons , violence and killing spread in Baghdad  and cities around it ,,, this can never be coincidentally ...any fool can realize the connection between these two subjects ,,,however , as usual , the USA & its allies =  Israel / Saudis / Qataris  and their active hands  & executors - salafis & wahabis =  the bloody extremists  who have changed our world from a world of peace and love into a world of terror and hatred ,,,,those were the prisoners whom the warmongers help to escape in order to carry on their dirty crimes of slaughtering and killing ,,of murdering the innocent people ,,,men , women , children  , elderly ,,,all those who have no guilt but  of being honest Iraqis who are not able to leave their country  ... 
During the last month more than 1000 innocent Iraqis have lost their souls for no reason ,,,
Ten years of oppression , poverty , unemployment , killing , constant daily murder , no electricity , no water , no security , no safety , not a single day passes without a tragic situation of explosions and blasts ,,
Iraq ,,one of the richest countries of petrol  ,,  the fourth country in the world which grows  dates = 648 types , wealth of all kinds of minerals ,,  has become the poorest country after the BLOODY USA INVASION ,,,because ever since the invasion ONLY the GOVERNMENT ,,,PMs ,, MINSTERS ,,,,all those thieves and their subordination  who have been abroad for decades ,,and who never seen nor suffered from the tyranny of the late Saddam Husain and his regime ,,they were all having luxurious lives  in England , France , Germany , Sweden , Switzerland , Europe ,,,but after the invasion of BLOODY USA ,,,they came along with the invaders to poison our life ,,,they are  all importers and  lairs ,, they are stealing our money ,,, each and every  minister / MP / or responsible in the government is having imaginary salary ,,,then after he/ she spend four years or less they retire to have another imaginary pension of a fortune ,,, they all have foreign nationalities ,,, they all have their families / villas. estates , saving  bank accounts abroad ,,,still they have to steal everything ....whereas millions of  highly - experienced , qualified Iraqis are still unemployed  , displaced and live in poverty  which arises after the war to 40% or even more ,,,,
Where is JUSTICE ,,,,

To be continued  

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