Friday, July 12, 2013

My Blessed Landlady (2)

My Blessed landlady
When I was diagnosed of thyroid tumor ,,,she insisted to come with me to hospital though she had a lot of responsibilities at home,,  she had to drive her younger son to school and she had to do many things ; however she  chose to drive me to hospital and stay with me ... an act that both my old Iraqi ex-neighbors and so called old friends refused to do though I requested them to do me that favor being a stranger in this country and having such a difficult time ,,moreover , I have had done so many great favors in the past for them both ,,let me call them by initials =wasn't it for me A wouldn't have been able to write her MSC thesis ,,which I had translated all the materials ,, revised and written most of the materials ...wasn't it for me S wouldn't have got her PhD.. either because I have translated almost all the material for her , moreover ,she  wouldn't have got her contract renewed to work in Zaytoona University because she lost her degree and she does not know English well to write to the University ,,,so I kept corresponding with Aberyswith University in Wales ,,,she cried like a crocodile begging me to write and I did it for her and what have I got in return ,,,????
My landlady Ms. Wafa'a whose name mean "loyalty" is really a remarkable lady who has been impressing me with her good acts day after day ,,, she is always ready to help ...when I was bewildered and disappointed about all my personal problems she was always there for me ,,when she found me sad , she would comfort me and she keeps raising my moral by telling me about others' miseries and problems ,,,she always offers her support and help ...such a humanitarian and kind women is very rare in this time ,,,ever since I met this honorable lovely lady and she has been showing me all the kindness , help and moral support ,,, I will never forget as long as I live how she was following the procedures of my asylum for refugee to Canada ,,the pension problem and she always gives me names of people who might be able to help me in all my welfare and problems ,,,she is always ready to take me anywhere for medical consultations ,,,
It is true that I never depend on anyone in all my life ,,I have learned to be independent since my early youth and that makes me stronger than other women ,,,whether morally , psychologically , mentally or emotionally ,,, that is why I have tolerated all this agony and suffering all alone in  my life ,,and that is why I have accepted all the challenges and difficulties ,,,and I think that I have , after all ,become victorious of all these deadly , fatal  and serious critical battles ...
I am VERY GRATEFUL to my lovely blessed landlady ...( WAFA'A AL-ARAADH)  whom I will always pray for to the Almighty Allah to grant her HEALTH & PROSPERITY ;HAPPINESS and SERENITY ...

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