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My Blessed Landlady

My Blessed Landlady 

Her name is WAFA'A Al-AREEDH ,,, a beautiful Palestinian Muslim landlady , who has been the best help and support to me in my expatriation and foreignness ,,,I met this beautiful lady on the late morning of 26/10/2010 for the first time ,,,a day before I was looking for a place to stay in after a long and tiring week of looking for a flat as my brother was supposed to come over to Amman ,,I was staying with an old so called friend or ex-neighbor  who has showed me all the pain and suffering , humiliation and agony for staying with her - though I have given her 400$ cash money ,,, brought her a present of a very expensive set of a bracelet , ring and earrings  made of  white gold , silver and expensive  stones which cost me about half a million Iraqi dinars ,,, I shopped for food , paid the maid and bought her / her daughter & nephew meals and so many things ,,,I even bought clothes and stuff to her & her daughter yet she made me cry every day ,,she was cursing , calling names and she turned my life into HELL by scolding Arabs and Muslims ,,,she is  a Kurdish woman who used to say that they do not have a religion ,,,however , she prays and fasts Ramadhan ,,wears a head scarf ... but she is such a hypocrite and a profiteer ,,, I decided to leave her and look for another place and she was with me when suddenly we met another lady ,,,a friend of this Kurdish woman ,, so the friend said that there was a vacant flat in the same building where she lives ,,,we went and I saw the flat ,, it was not bad ,, the lady said that the rent was 350 JD ,,three months in advance ,,, I said no I can not pay that much besides I might move after one month ..she called the landlady and talked to her ,,, then she put me through to talk to the landlady and I was talking to her and requesting her to decrease the rent to 300 JD and that I will pay monthly not quarterly as I am now in a critical situation ,,,as I told her that my brother is arriving tonight from Baghdad and we are grown up and I will leave the moment she asks me to ,,,I forgot myself and this is my problem whenever I am emotional I switch to English ,,so I kept talking in English ,,,I then realized that the Kurdish lady and her friend were talking to me to switch to Arabic ,,, however to my surprise the land lady was responding to my request and replying in English ,,,then she said ,,,let me talk to Um Samir ,,,and I handed Um Samir the mobile ,,who ended the call by saying  " yes,,,yes ,,  OK 

Next morning ,  the Kurdish lady's nephew gave me a lift and he went on ,,,it seemed that I forgot the location of the building ,,, I called the landlady who told me to wait where I was and that she was coming over ,,,
I waited for some time and there she was ,,,she came driving her own black car ,,,got off the car and came straight to me ,,, 
Good morning , she said ,, I am Um Husam ,,, she introduced herself to me ,,,Dr. Nidhal ,,," Yes ,, I said " Let's go upstairs ,,,she said ,,,,,, 
We walked along the long corridor to the main gate of the building ,,,opened the door ,, went up few stairs and to the elevator ,,she pressed the button on no. 2 and then we were in the third floor counting the ground floor ,,, there were three flats ,, she came to the one next to the stairs opened the door and we went in  the living room ,,,we sat down on and she started talking ,,,she was such a nice educated highly mannered and broad thinking person ,,, I liked her talk and she mine ,, she discussed so many issues concerning the flat ,,,she even offered her help in case I needed an thing ,..I like that lady from the beginning and this FEELING is always TRUE ,,,all throughout my life ,,,those who appeal to me are always GOOD ,,,NICE and TRUE people ...
I signed the contract for one month and I gave her the rent with a deposit of 100 JD for the furniture and then she left ,,,, 
I thought that I was LUCKY to find such a landlady and I was RIGHT ...
I will always say that I have gained a BEST SISTER & FRIEND in this country ,,,Jordan 
the friendship and sister love of ms. Wafa'a is TRUE ,,,GENUINE and with no interests , welfare or benefit  ...such love , manners and humanitarian feelings and acts  is really RARE to find these days 




Neighbors are closer to people than their own family members because they see them every day ,,being closer inhabitants makes one closer than  than his own family members ,,, 
Islam has emphasized the important of treating one's neighbor with love and affection , kindness and help  ,,, Allah has mentioned in His Holy Qur'an the importance of treating neighbors in Surat Al-Nisa'a ,,,Aya no.35 ,,page 84 by saying :
( In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful )
Be good to  parents , next door neighbor , close neighbor ,neighbor  , non- Muslim neighbors ....

Ever since I came to live in this strange building in Amman ,,BUILDING no 21 and I have seen the   unseen ,, heard the unheard ,,,it is really incredible ,,,

To start with , the people who own the flat no . 14 above my flat are such a strange middle - aged couple who are so noisy at night that I can never have a night sleep ever ,,, the noise starts in the middle of the night and some times during day time as well ,, last year the owner who is supposed to be a  professor  as he calls himself is such a strange flirting man who is always looking at women in very dirty eye commenting in such cheap way ... his wife on the other hand looks so elegant and dresses  fashionably as a young woman though she must be in her sixties ,,,

Last year I had a very terrible annoying time of  strange loud noise of  banging  , hammering and even drilling  through the ceiling which is their floor of course throughout day time as well as mid- night  ,,,I went upstairs to ask them to stop this noise ,,,very nicely and gently I requested of him to stop but all that he did was increasing the noise and I found myself ill with insomnia for all through the year ,,, he accused his next door neighbor  of this noise though I am sure ,,, positive ,,that the noise comes from his flat  ,,,,I was desperate ,,unable to sleep and so tired ,,,

Time went on and I had to have my thyroid nodules removed ,,,after leaving the hospital I went to my flat and once again ,,I faced the same problem of not being able to sleep because of Mr. Professor and his ETERNAL NOISE ,,,and as usual he would blame his neighbor ,,,

I am so scared to go up to ask him again - because he would start his flirting ,,,,such a disgusting man ,,,so I decided to live with the noise ,,, deprivation of sleep which is KILLING ME ,,rather than facing that awful man again ,,,

Can you imagine someone who has just had two operations and who is still in pain ,,,YET UNABLE TO REST OR SLEEP in HIS/HER OWN HOME ,,,YES ,,THAT IS ME ...

Time passed by and I heard that he traveled to the USA to see his son ,,, I was relieved ,,I thought that I will have A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP after all ,,,I have a problem which is that I can NEVER sleep during day time whatever it is ,,,anyway I thought that the TERRIBLE NOISE will end ,,,what a salvation ,,

BUT ALAS ,,, it seems that his honorable daughter has come over from Iraq and she is now living with her family up there to TURN my nights into  HELL  again by the AWFUL NOISES her sons made all through the nights ,,,it does not matter if they make noise during day time BUT at night ,,, that is not BEARABLE ,,it is TORTURE ,,,every one knows that one way of TORTURE is DEPRIVATION OF SLEEP ,,, again the hell started and I have to go up and ask her nicely ,,,,BUT what do I get ,,,a COMPLETE DENIAL ,,, AND AN ACCUSATION of her next door neighbor who are such a nice and quiet family ,,, besides it is them who are above my flat not the other people ,,,

Three times I went upstairs requesting of her nicely to stop this noise and she was such an arrogant poor lady who thought that she owns the world ,,,she looked at me in a very strange way ,,,twice I saw her with many women of her age and they were looking at me  from top to toe and in a strange cynical way  as if I am dirt ,,or as if I have come from another planet ,,, I never care for such people who are superficial and shallow frivolous characters who think too highly of themselves and who lack manners ,,,those who follow fashion without realizing if it suits them or not ,,,"  let them think whatever they like " ,,,I thought to my self ...

Yesterday , I thought that I should go up and ask who knows maybe this time I will get a better response ,,, I rang the bell and a gentleman opened the door ,,,he seemed completely different ,,a good,  respectable , nice and educated man who greeted me nicely and was listening attentively  to me ,,,he apologized and promised that it will not happen again ,,,he greeted me and welcomed me very warmly when I introduced myself to him and he praised me a lot  ,,,expressing his deep apologies ,,he assured me that I will not hear  a noise any more ,,
I was so pleased ,,, BUT only hours passed on and the HELL started again from 8.00 pm till 2.00 am ,,,what a HELL do I live in ,,
If anyone wonders why DO NOT I LEAVE THIS FLAT ,,
 MY LANDLADY IS ,,,,,THE BEST BALSAM ,,that can HEAL any wound

Thursday, July 04, 2013

When Will Slaughtering END in IRAQ???

When Will Slaughtering End in Iraq ???

Day by day the UGLY pictures of BLOOD BATHS bring grief ,,,sadness ,, and terror to the IRAQIS ,,, and the same question is still in all our minds....
When will this END ??? 
OR ....will it EVER end???
As long as this indifferent government is busy quarreling about seats ,,, as long as the so called MP's are stealing and accumulating hard currencies in the Swiss  banks as the previous regime did ,,, as long as we the Iraqis are still busy looking for jobs ,, trying to get petrol for generators ,,,and mourning for their martyrs  and are not even interested in having demonstrations or going out in marches ,,, nothing will happen ,,, this TRAGIC situation will  remain ,,, 
It seems that IRAQIS are destined to SUFFERING all their life ,,,ever since old history ,,,we Iraqis have been living in constant SADNESS ,,,GRIEF ,,, DEATH   ...whether we it or not ,,as if we have inherited  this destiny through centuries ,,,
I WONDER till when shall this destruction many years does it the Iraqi government to maintain security and safety ???
One decade is NOT enough ???
A QUESTION which requires a SIMPLE answer ????

Why Do People Migrate ?

Why Do people Migrate ?

It is so hard for any one to leave his/her country ,,,decades ago I used to read in the newspapers / watch on TV or  hear stories about those who migrate from their own country to another foreign country ,,,either because they seek jobs or because they look for a better life or they seek  humanitarian or political asylum ,,, things are completely different when the issue becomes yours ,,, time passed by and I found myself threatened to death ,,,so  , it was my turn to leave my country and seek asylum ,,, I left Iraq to a neighboring country waiting for the approval to get my turn / if I am accepted to migrate to Canada ,,,it has been three years since I left my beloved  country  ,,, it seems to me like thirty years ,,,even though here there is security and safety ,,electricity and all other daily needs ,,, the weather is better ,,everything is facilitated ,,,yet I am still longing for BAGHDAD ,,,my hometown ,,,longing for my street ,,,my home ,,, my own people ....

Has development and progress become a curse on human beings ,,, has greed become a reason to separate people ,,so many questions I keep asking myself ,,,BUT I find only one answer ,,, we are living in an ocean wherein sharks eat small fish ,,,the strongest and toughest ogres eat the smaller and less powerful countries ,,, 
The USA , Israel & Zionism have controlled the whole world ,,,thanks to the Saudis , Qataris and other Gulf States which are sponsoring , supporting and helping those three ogres to maintain their filthy mean massacres and brutal plots against humanity in all rich countries ,,not only Arab / Muslim countries but wherever there is WEALTH ,,OIL ,,, RESOURCES ,,,
It seems that the end of the world is near ,,,
When people migrate to other countries , do they find happiness? ..I have heard of so many  happy as well as sad stories of migrants ,,,it all depends on circumstances ,,,
Will there be chance for a better life for every migrant ??? I doubt it ,,,Some work like a mule to make ens meet ,,,I have heard of BA/ MA holders who work as laborers abroad ,,,
Life is too difficult these days ,,,,,
LUCKY is the person who can live in his/ her own country ,,,and who is never forced to leave his/ her home town ....
The proverb = 
Is the BEST ...
There is nothing LIKE HOME .....

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

How To Survive A Fatal Disease ( My True Story) of God's Miracles - Miracle 3

How To survive A Fatal  Disease 
( My True Story ) of God 's Miracles 
Miracle 3

Last year I had thyroid cancer ,,, I had to undergo two operations ( I have written all about that previously - under the title - My story with cancer) ,,, however , I shall not go through details of that and if any one is interested just go to the articles mentioned above ,,, well ,,after the removal of the two nodules on both sides right , then left ,,,and taking radio iodine ,, the scan showed that the cancer tumor was still on both sides close to the vocal cords ,,, I then started taking thyroxine drug to activate the hormones of the thyroid ,,,six months passed and I went again to check ,,, during all these months I was praying to GOD to save me the trouble of going through that bad time of having the cancer ,,, I am  great believer in GOD ,,,and HIS MIRACLES ,,I was not afraid of DEATH ,,, nor of CANCER ,,,, my only concern was that if the cancer remains and my health deteriorates ,,,I must have some one to take care of me ,,, and  I AM ALL ALONE ,,,I have been living alone for more than three years ever since  my husband left me for another woman ,, I left my country and came to live in another country far away ,,,I escaped from all the troubles that I faced suddenly there from the man who has changed completely from a man who was so passionate and caring , loving and understanding, polite and a real gentleman  to a different  man who shouts and calls names ,, pushes and swears ,, turns tables and bang doors and of course from a loving person to a person who curses and is full of hatred and grudge ,,,for no reason ,,, life became so different ,, so sad ,,, so miserable ,,therefore , I had no place to stay in a place wherein no one was there to comfort me ,, to help me or even to support me as all my siblings  stood against me at that time instead of helping me ,,,
My fear was if my health deteriorates , what will I do ,, a stranger in a country where even the neighbor are so bad ,,,no real friend ,, no one to depend on ,,BUT the ALMIGHTY GOD ,,was ,,,is and will always be with me ,,,I kept praying to HIM to make me survive this difficult time ,,, I am SURE and I KNOW that HE WILL NEVER LET ME DOWN ,,,as HE never did in the past ,,,yes , I have taken my medications ,,that is true ,, but there are so many cases wherein the tumor would stay and even grow ,,, each day that passed from 25/11/2012 till last week ,,I was always praying and talking to GOD ,,asking HIM for a cure ,,,in order not to need any one ,,, because I have no one ,,, YES ,,I DO HAVE HIM ,,THE ALMIGHTY GOD ,,,He is  with me ,,listening to my prayers ,,,very close to my heart ,,,spirit and soul ,,mind and body ,,as He states in the HOLY QUR'AN ,,,
I  kept addressing Him ,, requesting of Him and begging Him  not to make me need any one ,,any human beings ,,because I know that all my life I have been helpful to all ,,,but no one was helpful to me ,,,they all seek their welfare ,, interest and needs ,, all  were and still are profiteers ,,,
On 19/6/2013 I went for the next checking and the night before I was restless ,,, in the middle of the night , I woke up ,,prayed and talked to HIM ...I asked for another MIRACLE ,,I know that YOU can make miracles,, YOU have made so many previously to me ,,,
In the morning I went to the Nuclear Medicine PET/CT Bone & Density Centre after having blood tests for more than 3 times in a month  to check  the TSH ,,,,,I was not afraid nor sad ,, neither depressed nor upset ,,,I was and still am ,,,A GREAT BELIEVER IN GOD  ,,,and believers do not fear ,,,anything ,,, I was contented with whatever GOD has planned to me ,,,even my story with my husband which left a deep wound into my heart and soul ,,,still I believe that God has destined this for me for a reason ,,, ...
In the CT Scan ,,,I felt tired spending more than an hour ,, my limbs were stiff ,, I felt my body was  like a wooden board ,, ,,I had a terrible pain all over because of the long time that I spend on that machine ,,which whenever I see , I remember my poor father and what had the terrible doctors did to him ,,,
Finally , I finished ,,,left the room and was waiting ,, my mind was clear ,,or shall I say empty ,,completely empty ,,,waited ,, I do not recall how many minutes ,,,or how long ,, then the secretary called my name : Ms . Nidhal ...
Yes , I went in and she had a big smile on her lips ,,negative ,,she said ,,,Really ..I replied ,,, cancer free ,,, yes,,, she said ,,,she gave me the report and the scan ,,,it was obvious there is nothing ,,,  thanks God ,,I said ,,it is a miracle ,,,yes , she said ,, have you seen that young man who was sitting opposite you ,,yes I said ,, he was not more than 25 years of age ,,, his result is positive ,, Oh my God ,,I said ,,I told you ,, I repeated ,,it  is a miracle ,,,Dr. Farid , the specialist came over to congratulate me ,, thanks a lot Dr. I said ,,
I took the reports ,, Scan and left ,,I am FREE of CANCER ,,,it is a rebirth ..I thought ,,I should NEVER grieve or be sad about anything ,,I thought ,,

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