Thursday, May 30, 2013

How the human family can do better - Maggie Doyne

 Maggie Doyne
This young lady has done to humanity million times better than thousands of those who call themselves humanitarians ,,those who carry symbols of charity and humanity but they only have words ,,,empty dry fruitless words and slogans ...
Maggie Doyne is a hero whose name should be written in history ,,, at a time wherein young women  of her age are busy of their appearance , make over ,  love affairs , stupid frivolous matters ,,, she is busy of such great virtuous charity work ,,, she is a great  benefactor ,,,we should all bend in respect  in front of this young lady ,,,she is a great example of real goodness in a world that is full of evil ,, selfishness and vice ...
May God bless Maggie Doyne 
Prayers and love from me to you young girl 

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