Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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يا مقلب القلوب


The Monsters Inside Us

The Monsters Inside Us

Throughout history ,,we read about savages  ,, monsters , , warmongers ,,, beasts ,, cruel people ruling ,,by time this phenomenon has become so obvious that  no one can rule unless he is a bloody monster ,,,thus we have
   witnessed wars constantly ,, all over the whole world ,,, torture ,,, violence and terror has become the trade mark of this age ,,, To analyse this ,,we all are aware that to dominate a country ,,, a nation ,, the world ,, it is always strength that is  needed ,,, yet they have gone too far ,, strength is not enough here -  BUT barbarism ,,    brutality ,and evil are nowadays the best adjectives used to  describe and qualify all those who rule all over the  globe  - except minor countries wherein this evil spirit of domination has not been spread or those are not contaminated because they still have the sense and spirit of humanity which has become very rare in the world ...
We understand that this greed is for power ,,, for positions ,, for political prestige and domination,,, so we - in a way- realize the truth behind this EVIL spirit ,,,,BUT how about this plague entering our own houses ,, our own life ... our own families ,,,STRANGE ,,BUT TRUE ,,, when men suddenly change into beasts ,,, savages ,,, brutal war mongers inside their own houses with their own families and spouses ,,, how can we explain or justify ---( THOUGH IT IS NOT AT ALL JUSTIFIED IN ANY SITUATION -WHETHER POLITICALLY ,SOCIALLY ,,or WHATSOEVER) --- so how can we comprehend or understand this UGLY phenomenon ,,, when humans behave as savages ,,,when while becomes black ,,, when a person suddenly changes all his manners ,,,morals ,,, principles because of greed ,,,, then how do we explain this ,,, again I think it is for the sake of power ,,, psychologically ,,it is the inferiority complex that makes  persons change their  attitudes   - of course this applies for both sexes = men as well as women ,,,  it is the  beast inside the human souls that arouses brutal  savage hormones which changes humanity into brutality ...

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