Friday, March 22, 2013

Ten Years After the USA Invasion of Iraq

Ten Years After the USA Invasion of Iraq 
After ten years of invasion Iraq is still drowning in chaos , insecurity , constant and daily blood baths of slaughtering , unemployment , administrative corruption , pollution, diseases , lack of electricity , lack of hygiene , terror , a new sectarian war has started again , ,,,,
All parts of Iraq have gone hundred years backward 
EXCEPT the NORTH  which has been flourishing because the KURDS had had a treaty since the time of Saddam Husain with ISRAEL( THE ZIONISTS )  & THE USA ,,,
so they are doing whatever they want stealing the oil and selling it though it is against the constitution ,,,due to the weakness of the central government ,,the KURDS have dominated every thing and they are stealing Iraq's wealth as much as the AMERICANS & ISRAEL do ..
here are some pictures lest we forget what happened to beautiful Baghdad in March 2003 
I wonder why si that the USA souls are more precious that NON_ AMERICAN souls ,,,who has stated this ,,,God has created all and it si only HE who can take our souls ,,,YET the USA ha sbeen killing and slaughtering innocent people all over the whole world and no one ever can say a word ??

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