Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cancer .... !!

Cancer  ...!!!

Hearing this word  makes people shudder but in fact once you have it ,,,you can live with it as if it is a flue ,,,if you recover from flue ,,you might catch it again ,,so you start taking precautions ,,, but gradually ,,you tend to forget ,,or shall I say become indifferent of whether to get the virus or not ,,, may be it is not the same for other people ,,I have no idea ,, for me I do not care because I know I will die sooner or later ,,,whether I have cancer or not ,,, whether I am healthy or not ,,,we will all die one way or another ,,,so why bother ,, why think about it ,,, Ever since I realized that I have cancer not even after the operations ..I have had a certain serenity inside me ,, I have already so many personal problems that have troubled me deeply ,,, yet I try to overcome everything  no matter what happens I do not care  ,, nor feel any different ,,it might be strange but that is true ,,,  may be because I am a good strong believer  in the Almighty Allah ,,, in the Holy Qura'an and in the other world ,,, I believe that this worldly life is short and mean-less ... I believe that the other world is the reality and we are here living a short time - may be we are here on a purpose ,,, to be tested ,,, to have trouble ,

 I believe in the Almighty Allah and I know HE ,,and it is only He who can free us from our troubles ,,,whether physiologically ,,,socially ,,, materialistically ,,or whatever ,,

 When Allah loves some of His creatures , He puts   them   through difficulties and troubles in order to test their patience and power of tolerance ,,, to see how strong or weak  they are  ,,, to test  them ... this is why all the prophets have been through the most  difficult times ever ,,,

 So back to cancer ,,, my older sister was diagnosed with kidney cancer three years ago ,,, it was not malignant ,,, she was crying and hopeless ,,,desperate and so scared ,,, she panicked ,, it is because she is not a believer ,,, not a real one ,,,

I think that people all over this world should have faith ,,,faith is a person's weapon against all fears ,, difficulties , disasters ,,, 
Cancer is nothing but a symptom  and a disease  ,,, it is not the cause of death ,,, death is there ,,it is around us ,,it is near us ,, it is our end ,,,so fear not of cancer ,, or any other disease 
We will die eventually whatever happens ,,, whatever we have ,,or do not have ,,, whatever we are rich / poor; healthy/ sick  ; happy / sad ; good /bad ... this is the end ,,take it or leave it ,,, 
It is our END ....

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