Monday, January 07, 2013

We Are Human .....But !!!!

We Are Human...But!!!

We are human ,,, we make mistakes ,,,we are not angels ,,, each one of us has almost everything inside him/ her ,,, the good and the bad ,,, no human being is a perfect ,,, perfection is for God only ,,, may be prophets ,,, But not us ,,, I wonder why do we forgive others and forget their mistakes whereas they NEVER forget nor forgive anything that we might have said or  done unintentionally or coincidentally even though it does not have any bad consequence nor does it harm or hurt ,,, why do we always let go of all things that jeopardize us and cover up for others' faults out of love whereas they do their best to find fault with the slightest errors that we might have done out of ignorance not bad intentions ,,, 

We are human ,, and humans are not angels ,,,

To err is human ,,, to forgive is divine ,,,so we make mistake s,, and we forgive others' mistakes ,,, But what if others judge our slightest unintentional minor  mistakes ,,,forgetting all our merits and virtues ,,,is that fair ??? Surely not ,,,,because the Almighty Gracious  Allah is Merciful and forgiving ,,,He forgives all our mistakes once we ask for His forgiveness ,,,

We are human ,,, and humans are not devils ,,,

There is always the good & the bad ,, the positive & the negative ,,,therefore we should expect others to be like that ,,, nothing is sweet ,,,nothing is bitter ,,, it is always a two ways rout ,,,never one way ,,, this is life and this is us ,, angels are not humans ,,, devils are not humans ,,,

Inside each human soul there is a white side and a black side ,,,yet we tend to adopt whatever our heart and mind likes ,,, whatever our personality and character chooses ,,, no one can be  Satan ,,,the circumstances around us effect our personalities and characters ,, the conscious ,,, environment ,,way of bringing up and family background ,,,the  atmosphere ,,,all these and others formulate a person's character ,,thus some people have very amiable , loving , helpful , forgiving , good , virtuous characters  due to their background ,,,,others are the opposite ,,,hence we have to  understand ,, not to judge a person from one mistake ....

We are human ,,, and humans should be more flexible ,,,

We are human ,,, and humans should be more loving and caring ,,
We are human ,,, and humans  should be more humane ,,,less cruel ,,,

To err is human ,,,,

To forgive is divine ,,,

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