Thursday, July 04, 2013

Why Do People Migrate ?

Why Do people Migrate ?

It is so hard for any one to leave his/her country ,,,decades ago I used to read in the newspapers / watch on TV or  hear stories about those who migrate from their own country to another foreign country ,,,either because they seek jobs or because they look for a better life or they seek  humanitarian or political asylum ,,, things are completely different when the issue becomes yours ,,, time passed by and I found myself threatened to death ,,,so  , it was my turn to leave my country and seek asylum ,,, I left Iraq to a neighboring country waiting for the approval to get my turn / if I am accepted to migrate to Canada ,,,it has been three years since I left my beloved  country  ,,, it seems to me like thirty years ,,,even though here there is security and safety ,,electricity and all other daily needs ,,, the weather is better ,,everything is facilitated ,,,yet I am still longing for BAGHDAD ,,,my hometown ,,,longing for my street ,,,my home ,,, my own people ....

Has development and progress become a curse on human beings ,,, has greed become a reason to separate people ,,so many questions I keep asking myself ,,,BUT I find only one answer ,,, we are living in an ocean wherein sharks eat small fish ,,,the strongest and toughest ogres eat the smaller and less powerful countries ,,, 
The USA , Israel & Zionism have controlled the whole world ,,,thanks to the Saudis , Qataris and other Gulf States which are sponsoring , supporting and helping those three ogres to maintain their filthy mean massacres and brutal plots against humanity in all rich countries ,,not only Arab / Muslim countries but wherever there is WEALTH ,,OIL ,,, RESOURCES ,,,
It seems that the end of the world is near ,,,
When people migrate to other countries , do they find happiness? ..I have heard of so many  happy as well as sad stories of migrants ,,,it all depends on circumstances ,,,
Will there be chance for a better life for every migrant ??? I doubt it ,,,Some work like a mule to make ens meet ,,,I have heard of BA/ MA holders who work as laborers abroad ,,,
Life is too difficult these days ,,,,,
LUCKY is the person who can live in his/ her own country ,,,and who is never forced to leave his/ her home town ....
The proverb = 
Is the BEST ...
There is nothing LIKE HOME .....

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