Thursday, July 04, 2013

When Will Slaughtering END in IRAQ???

When Will Slaughtering End in Iraq ???

Day by day the UGLY pictures of BLOOD BATHS bring grief ,,,sadness ,, and terror to the IRAQIS ,,, and the same question is still in all our minds....
When will this END ??? 
OR ....will it EVER end???
As long as this indifferent government is busy quarreling about seats ,,, as long as the so called MP's are stealing and accumulating hard currencies in the Swiss  banks as the previous regime did ,,, as long as we the Iraqis are still busy looking for jobs ,, trying to get petrol for generators ,,,and mourning for their martyrs  and are not even interested in having demonstrations or going out in marches ,,, nothing will happen ,,, this TRAGIC situation will  remain ,,, 
It seems that IRAQIS are destined to SUFFERING all their life ,,,ever since old history ,,,we Iraqis have been living in constant SADNESS ,,,GRIEF ,,, DEATH   ...whether we it or not ,,as if we have inherited  this destiny through centuries ,,,
I WONDER till when shall this destruction many years does it the Iraqi government to maintain security and safety ???
One decade is NOT enough ???
A QUESTION which requires a SIMPLE answer ????

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