Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Survive A Fatal Disease ( My True Story) of GOD' s MIRACLES

How To Survive A Fatal Disease 
( My True Story) of GOD' s MIRACLES 

Scientifically , every body knows that pregnant women  should not overwork and be treated kindly ,,,have all the comforts and care ,,,well, that was not what I had during all my 9 pregnancy which ended up in miscarriages that cost me  a lot of blood ,,weakness and ultimately severe anemia and  illness ..
In 1993 , I was pregnant after few months of getting married ,,I was working like a mule ,,I used to wake up at 6.00 a.m. in the morning , go to the university wherein I worked as a university professor ,,,I had to climb 146 stairs to reach the fifth floor to get to the Language Centre wherein I worked because the building is very old and there are no elevators ...I still remember it was  burning  HOT JULY of Baghdad and it was the summer vacation so I begged my husband  not to go as I was tired and I could not stand summer weather ...he refused because he was unemployed at that time and we need to pay the rent and live on whatever I gain,, so ,,I would finish teaching and go back home do some housework ,,,cook the meals and start translating as a part time job which was supposed to be his work and I was doing it for him as it is my specialization ...then in the afternoon I would go to another Language Centre nearby to give evening classes ..I was exhausted and all my life before marriage I had been living a very luxurious life ,, my style of life has turned upside down  from easy  life to hard tired life ,,,
I was four month pregnant when I went to visit my eldest sister ,,,I was happy showing her the pregnancy test which shows was positive ,,,she kept talking and talking about the past and our home , ,,,then suddenly she started talking in a very different tone ,,she was angry with me blaming me that I have taken the tea set which she brought many  years ago ,,,I told her that I did not take anything and she can  take back because I am not interested in any cutlery ,,she because furious and starting accusing me and shouting ,,then she pushed me violently towards the door ,,I fell down and I was crying then I fainted ,,,after few minutes I opened my eyes to them all around ,,, I felt a terrible pain in my stomach , she told my mother to go back with me to my house but my mother refused ,time passed by and in the afternoon my husband came ,,,I went back home and I realized there was something wrong ,,next day my sisters - in- law came to see me ,, it was dusty and we were living in the second floor of a house ...the stairs and garage were very dirty full of dust ,,,so I said I have to clean them ,,one of my sisters - in- law said let it do it for you ,,,I said no , thanks ,,I can manage and I wish I agreed to their help  ,,,after they left   I started cleaning the stairs then the garage but the pain in my stomach was terrible ,,,it was like knives cutting inside me ..
The day after I could not bear the pain ,, the I started bleeding heavily ,,,I did not know what was ,,,obviously it was a miscarriage ,,,three days of bleeding and killing pain ,,,no one came to see me ,,I was all alone with my husband who used to leave me all day and come back at night ,,,it was one of the  hottest  summers in Baghdad for many years ,,, we used to sleep over the roof terrace ,,I do not know whether it was I was asleep ,, fainting ,,dead or alive ,,,,,,all  I know was that I was on a stretcher pushed by men like doctors in white ,,,very quickly passing through cold very  narrow long  tunnels with curves  and a very cold nice breeze splashing over my face ,,,smiling faces of  beautiful women like nurses were like flashes here and there along the tunnel ,,,the stretcher was moving so fast and suddenly I was out of the tunnel ,,,
I heard a strong voice calling me :
Nidhal , Nidhal   ...come on ,,,
I said :I am dead ,,I can not move ,,
Yes , the voice said : I know ,,,I am prophet Mohammed ,,I came to you ,,you will live ,,
I looked towards the voice ,,,I saw a figure of a man wearing white and has a  white cover over his head ,,a brown leather slipper and he ha s his both hands stretched towards me ,,,I looked to see his face but I saw only an aureole of  shinning light around his face ...
All I remember was that I was stretching my both arms to him to help me sit  ....and I was saying in a loud voice :
Allah Akbar ,,,Allah Akbar ,,,
Then I woke up ,,,I looked at the sky ,,the sky was very clear blue with the light of the moon and the bright  stars seem so beautiful ,,,I realized that I was sitting in my bed and tears were flowing over my cheeks  I was still talking ,I heard my voice saying = 
Allah Akbar,,,Allah Akbar 
Then ,,I heard my husband, who is a doctor ,  talking to me :
 Dear Nidhal ,,,tell me what happened ,,,do you know that you have died for 3 minutes ,,there was no pulse ,,, your heart and brain are dead ,,,i was going to call your family ,,,please tell me what happened ,,,I looked at him ,, tears were showering his face ,,,  he kept  hugging  and kissing  me ,,,repeating the words ,,,this is a MIRACLE ,,,thanks GOD ,,,this is  a MIRACLE ...
Ever since that second MIRACLES , may FAITH in the ALMIGHTY GOD has been stronger ...I know and I am positive that GOD is always there for those who believe in HIM ,,,
So again I say the time for MIRACLES is not never over ,,


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