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How To Survive A Fatal Disease ( My True Story ) of GOD's MIRACLES

How To Survive A Fatal Disease ( My True Story) of GOD's MIRACLES
Miracle 1

Few are those who believe in MIRACLES , no matter what religion , race , color ,or nationality ,,especially these days ,,,I am one of them ,,,BELIEVE it or not but I am telling the truth ,,,nothing but the truth ,,, I am writing this article in order to share with those who have FAITH in Allah ,,the ALMIGHTY Allah( God) ,,,for me as a Muslim He makes miracles any time and any where ,,,He has made me so many miracles throughout my life ,,,ever since I was a teenager ( 12 years of age )  - when I got my period for the first time at a very early age  , I have hormones disorder ,,, my eldest sister took me to a gynecologist who advised that I should get married when I get older because I used to have milk from my breasts which was so strange , annoying and troublesome ,,,time passed by and suitors started proposing at the age of 14 ,,I was pretty and cute ,,however , my mother was very possessive and obsessive of me in particular being the youngest and ill as she call it ,,,well , I finished my BA and decided to carry on my higher studies ,,, during all those years many eligible young men where still asking for my hand but my mother as usual would refuse even though she knew it was the one and only cure for me ,,best men of best families were coming still ,,,she had made up her mind to say NO ,,,,I was a very obedient and shy  girl  so I could never open my mouth ,,,defend myself ,,nor discuss with her ,,,she accepted the first suitor who came to my eldest sister ,,forced my brother-in- law's friend to marry my second sister and thus she could be happy and by the time I finished college , my beloved father passed away at the age of 54 leaving me with the dictatorship and control of my poor loving possessive mother who saw me as the only bread winner that could carry the burden instead of my father  especially that my eldest sisters were married and each of them never though of any one but of themselves  and brother - was still a high school student ...I was a High school teacher of English ...
I left to England to pursue my higher studies ,,one day , I fell ill ,,,I went down to the medical centre wherein the nurse was asking me all sorts of medical questions ,,,when I told her about the problem of the period which was either too heavy that lasts two weeks or it did not come for a long time ,,, she said that I must be admitted to hospital and thus I travelled to London  ,,,was went to Hammersmith Hospital and was admitted to the endocrinology ward ,, the  nurses were so nice and friendly and surprised that I could speak English so fluently ,,they did not believe that I was an Arab ,,, an Iraqi ,, and I was chatting with them ..
I spent most of the time either knitting or reading the Qur'an ...
The doctor was the best specialist in endocrinology in the world  and first surgeon who did such difficult operations came by and he  started asking me and making blood tests ,,C T scan ,,,etc ,,for about a week ,,I was all alone ,,no one was with me BUT I did & still DO believe in GOD & HIS MIRACLES and here comes the first miracle in my life :
The doctor came to me and said = tomorrow you must have an operation in which I will open your little brain ,,,this is the first time I do this operation and it is very risky  ,,, chances of success are 50% ,,so you have to make up your mind because there is a tumor  in your pituitary gland which causing this disorder and I wonder how come you have not known that you have hormones disorder ,,I said I do ever since I was 12 ,,,and then he said hasn't anyone told you that you should get married so that the hormones will be regulated ,,,I said Yes , I know ...the doctor opened his eyes widely saying then why ...
I could not mention the constant refusal of my dear mother ,,,I just smiled ,,and what is the point in  telling him ,,,
well , he said and after that you have to find yourself a husband ,,,I smiled ,,,
Now , tell me who is accompanying you to consult ,,,or sign ,,it is risky you know ..,I need next of kin, ,,to  approve ,,
There is no one ,,I am here all alone ,,you have read the chart I come here to study ,,,I will sign ,,
Then you should fast today from the afternoon at 6 p.m. no food  , he said smiling
,,,and be ready tomorrow for some tests and at 9.a.m. we will open your brain ,,,good luck brave girl ...
He left the room and the nurse was so kind to me ,, she was joking and telling me stories about herself ,,,
That night , it was raining cats and dogs ,,,I was looking from the window and holding a small size Qur'an ,,reading it and looking at the sky ,, praying to God ,,,talking to Him asking Him for a miracle ,,
I could not sleep that night my tears were wetting my cheeks as the heavy rain was pouring outside ,,, I might have drowses ,,may be fallen asleep for minutes to wake up and make sure it was not time for the operation ,,,
Gradually the dusk appears in front of my eyes ,, little by little the fog was covering the window ,,I could not see a thing ,,, holding my Qur'an again reading and praying asking Him for a miracle ,, inside me there was a huge fear and panic ,,,strange ideas of fear if the operation did not succeed ,,,will I be paralyzed ,,, what if I died on the operation table ,,,time seemed to have stopped ,,, I kept looking at the clock on the wall through the glass door ,,, I thought I was unable even to breathe ,,, time dragged along so  slowly  that I thought it was a hundred years ,,,then beautiful nurse Catherine came to say
 "  good morning , How are you ,, I will have to take some blood from you now and we will go to the X ray and Scan  ,,,Are you ready .."
Good morning , I said ,.,,I am OK ,,Yes , I am ready ..
She took some blood from my left arm ,,, went out ,,then came few minutes later ..
I went with her to the X ray room ,,,then the C T Scan ,,they took an X ray to my head ,,,then I went to the CT san room ,,,did it and went back to my room ..
In front of my room there was a relative to Saddam Husain who was shouting and ordering all the time ,,, nurse Catherine told me that every body  hates him for his bad and rude manners , he needed an interpreter because he does not know English ,, she we are all so surprised how come you are an Iraqi and he is as well  ,,, I laughed and I  said nothing ,,,
Going back to my bed ,,, all sorts of ideas came to my mind ,,,my mother was my most concern ,,,what would happen if I die while they are operating ,,,well , I thought in my mind and heart ,,,Allah Kareem( God is gracious ,,,generous and merciful ) ...
Minutes and seconds were hardly moving ,,,
I do not remember how many minutes passed ,, suddenly I saw nurse  Catherine coming to me with a big smile on her face ..come on now the doctor wants to have a word with you ,,,it was 8.45 a.m.,,,I thought ,,that I must be prepared for the operation and how come they  have not given me my special dress or put me to anesthetics,,,,,  .  
Catherine accompanied to the doctor's room ,,,he was standing there with his thin small body and usual angelic smile ,,an old man from whom you can sense kindness and goodness ,,,
Look , he said and he was pointing to many X rays and Scans on the wall ... starting from the left ,,can you see the size of this tutor ,,,Yes , I said ,
This is the first X ray I took for you when you were admitted to hospital  a week ago ,,,
It was smaller than the size of a tennis  ball ...
 He moved a little showing me all the pictures and pointing to the dates on the side of each one ,,,
then he stopped at the last one put on the light beneath and said now look ,,here ...he pointed to a very small point as the size of a lentil ,,,
He looked a t me and said ;
 What have you  done ,,, it ha shrank ,,,tell me what have you done ...
I was so happy ,,surprised ,,overwhelmed ,,,all sorts of emotions overcame me ..
I said ,,if I tell you what I did ,,will you believe me ..
he said Yes , I want to know ,,
I said I prayed and read the Qur'an ,,that is all I did
 This is a miracle ,,he said ,, and I will write down this in my report ,,
How can I thank you ,, I said
 Do not thank me ,, thank YOUR GOD ,,,he said ...
well , dear readers ,,, that was the first miracle in my life ,,

If you are a REAL TRUE BELIEVER ,,you will have MIRACLES ,,,
Wait Till I tell you about the second and third MIRACLES in my life

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