Sunday, March 03, 2013

Why Worry !!!

Why Worry  !!

Ever since I was a small child , I have seen people around me worrying all the time = for good reasons as well as bad reasons ,,, if anyone got  ill , failed a test , delayed , did not get what they want ,,,,and so on and so forth ,,, I saw my parents worried all the time about us ,,,especially my mother who was the worrying type ,,,I thought at that time that this worry is part of our inside emotional feeling which is built inside us ,,
Culture , faith , education and the way people are brought up constitute a lot to this WORRY ,,, Arabs are always worrying about the slightest minor matters ,,,if we come to religion ,,Islam never encourages this passive attitude -  worrying  ,,, the Holy Qur'an = the Almighty Allah's saying always mentions positive attitudes ,,, encouragement , hope ,,, however , because most  people do not read ,,, if they read - they do not have comprehension ,,, this is our problem ,,faith is just a word in most people's dictionaries ,,, they say they have faith ,,BUT once they have a slight annoyance not even a problem , they turn upside down ,, they lose control of themselves ,, some even have break down ,,,education plays a great role in this field ,,, so if people are educated , they would not be affected much by those around them in this point ,,,what I mean is ,,,seeing your own family have this attitude should not affect you ,,, but if you are uneducated ,,, have no faith = certainly you will have the same attitude of those around you ,,,however , if you are educated , have faith and comprehension ,,,you will have a completely different vision towards any negative incident   ,,, worrying will not help a  person to take the right decision to solve the problem ,,,on the contrary , it will make him/her exaggerate in their melancholic situation thus things will be worse ,,,, 
If a person is educated , has faith and a positive attitude then the whole situation will be less problematic ,,, the mind will be clearer and the solution will be clear thus this person will tackle such problems with  more optimistic not pessimistic ,,, this way problems can be solved ,,, it might take time ,,,but at least you keep your energy ,,and your health ...
Having faith ,,, being educated ,,,and having patience are important in solving all sorts of problems ,, least of all WORRYING ...
Try to think of those who live in  miseries ,,, those who have no money to pay for their medicine ,,,those who have no shelter ,,,those who live in poverty ,,, who have fatal diseases ,,,those who are tortured every day ,, those who live in disasters ... in this world there are miseries and sadness that no one can realize unless they are suffering in the same situations ,,,
Remember that WORRYING is bad and it will never do you good ,,,, so DELETE this passive,, negative ,,, irritating feeling from your memory ,,,
Have FAITH , HOPE ,PATIENCE ,,,educate yourself and be OPTIMISTIC because with passive feelings you only HURT yourself ,,,,


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