Monday, March 04, 2013

To The Memory of My Beloved Father

To The Memory of My Beloved  Father 

When you  love a person so much ,,it becomes impossible to forget him even if he had left this world and gone to the other world ,,,you remember every bits and pieces ,,,every movement,, every minute you have spent with that person becomes a sacred memory ,,, a sacred event ,,, it sounds as though the dead body has gone but the soul is still hanging around with you ,,, 
 This is how I feel about my  dear father has been more than two decades since my beloved father left this earthly world ,,,yet I still live with him or shall I say he still lives with me ,,,I dream of him almost every week ,,, sometimes every day ,,,
My father was the best father ever,, he was kind , good hear-ted ,  generous , devoted to his family , funny, sociable,  compassionate , sympathetic , tolerant , understanding , educated , sweet , gentle , loving , caring and most of all he has dedicated all his time and life to us...he was loved by all the neighbors ,,, those with whom he worked ,,,people around him ,,people always admired his character and gentle personality  , 
When we were young children , he used to encourage us in our study and school ,,, I still remember how he taught me English alphabets , cursive writings and English songs for children ,,,he always encouraged me to pursue my higher studies and he said to me :
" I want to be proud of you ,, you are clever and hard working so you get the highest degrees ,,he encouraged me to travel to London alone for the first time in my life ,,he was a wonderful father ,,,  once I was supervising a test in the college of Arts / Mustansiriyah Univ. and we were asked to write down our name s and sign a paper for the registration unit ,,, when I wrote my name ,,,one of the doctors who was among the  supervising staff looked at me and said:
" Are you the daughter of Mahdi Al-Nakkash ??"
I said :  "  Yes, do you know him ?"
And to my surprise , he was describing my father and praising him ,,which made me so proud of him ,,, he kept asking me about him and he thought that my father had left Iraq...I then told him that my father has passed away ,, that professor became sad and he kept praying to my father's soul ,,,
My father worked as a car painter ,,he held a large garage for painting cars ,,, selling car paints and that sort of job ,,he was one of the four most famous decent car painters in Iraq ,,, since the fifties he kept his work as the best among others ,,,he was famous for his decency and honesty ,, that si what every one whom we met later on told us ,,,all his apprentices have become famous ,,, he used to teach them and treat them as though they were his own sons ,,, I remember many times when we were small children how he used to bring those boys home ,, feed them and make my mother care for them ,,,some of those were his friends' children whom their fathers want to make them learn a profession ,,,so they brought them to my father because they knew that my father was the best and kindest ,,,
Most of those have become now famous painters in Iraq ,,,
His decency was so obvious when he used to charge very little for painting cars - at the time when all his apprentices who left him and started their own jobs were charging triple times as he did despite that fact that he was the master who did the work perfectly ,,,he used to say ,, it is not legal , nor prohibited to charge a lot ,,,that is how he got his reputation and that is how he earned every penny ,,,he was a model ,,, an icon ,,, an ideal example for honesty and decency ,,,that was my  beloved father ...that was Mahdi Al-Nakkash,,,May God bless his soul 
prayers for your soul dear dad ...

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