Sunday, February 03, 2013

Think Of The Worst... Hope For The Best

Think Of The Worst... Hope For The Best

In our life we come across many different events ,,,the good and the bad ,,, life is like an ocean ,,it can be calm,,, beautiful ,,, gorgeous,,warm ,,vivid ,,,wonderful and it can be outrageous ,,,hard,,,sad,,,gloomy and miserable ,,,,therefore people should be ready to face this reality and never think that all their days must be good ,,,nor bad ,,,,there are always  ups and downs in our life ... otherwise it becomes monotonous ,, recent researches revealed a great number of suicides among people who lead a very nice and stable life without real problems such as famous celebrities or those who live in very beautiful places wherein there are no wars ,, no problems at all such as Sweden and Switzerland ,,,oddly enough , it is those billionaires who find everything presented them on plates of gold as the proverb says ,,,who have everything beyond their reach who commit suicide - may be because their life is empty and get so bored of having  everything ,,

 It is so ironic to see that in places wherein there is poverty , diseases , wars , all sorts of miseries = people cling to life and try hard to do their best for their survival despite their miseries and sadness ,, people in Africa wherein it is hard to get a piece of bread ... a save haven or a shelter ; they strive to stay alive despite all this ,,,hope is their destiny to survive unlike those spoiled rich people in rich countries ,,in countries that are heaven on earth ,,,sometimes one thinks whether it is better to have a happy stable life all the time without hardships - to have it all ....or whether   it is  better to have our shares of the good and bad ,, the happy and the sad ,, 
When I look back and recall my own life ,,, I think that I am lucky because I have had experienced all or at least that is what I think ,,, I have been healthy ;sick -  happy; sad- ,,,I have been through good and bad times ,,, I have had ups and downs throughout my life and probably this is why I accept all hardships with patience and faith ,,I believe that if I had not been through difficulties I would not have been so strong as to tolerate such difficult time as I am having now ,,,
Still I have hope and faith in the Almighty God and I always leave my destiny to Him because I know He knows better than me what is good for me ,,,
So I always think of the worst ,,,but I hope that good things come after the bad things ,,
This is FAITH in Him the Almighty God ...

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