Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is This the Age of EXTREMISM

Is This the Age of EXTREMISM  

This last decade has been an age of extreme  behavior,, acts and almost  everything ,,, people overreact in everything ,, in manners ,, daily activities ,,, clothes ,, attitudes ,, you can hardly see anything reasonable or moderate ,,, people exaggerate about their emotion,, happiness ,,, sadness ,,, overwork ,, no work ,,, laziness ,,, indifference ,,, patriotism ,, passion , religion ,,doctrines ,, clothes ,, appearances ,,, everything is either over done ,, or not done  at all ,,, 
It seems to me  that we are living in an age of extremism ,,,  decades ago everything was reasonable ,,, moderate and I would say normal ,, 

Is it because there was not such advanced technology???
Is it because manners were geared more towards  principles and ethics ???
Is it because the media was not in every one 's pocket as it is now ??
Or is it because we have been drifted far away from reality??

 I , personally , believe that all the above factors as well as others  have  caused this crazy extremism to dominate our world today and it has a great influence on the destruction and ruin of our world - which we will soon be facing every where  ,,, due to the irrational hasty development of everything ,,, the world or shall I say the super power  ruling countries = Israel & the USA have planned for everything ,,, they have spread this   latest 21st century deadly VIRUS by which they will  kill the whole world and that is because they want to dominate the world no matter what it costs ,,, 

If we look at the world say 30 or 40  years ago , we shall realize how things were going on ,,, life was much better ,, people were happier ,, yes - there were problems ,, it was not heaven BUT ,, those problems were not as deadly nor  fatal as today ,,, fighting was less ,, death was less ,,, things were manageable ,, the reason was =
 Israel & the USA were  content with what they had ,, moreover the Saudis and Gulf states - Qatar and other states were still minding their own business ,, they were busy building their countries while giving Israel & the USA their share of OIL interests ,,,not under threats of any sort ,,, 

Within these last decades Israel ,,the USA along with the Saudis & Gulf states = all's needs and requirements have grown more and more ,, therefore no way but to spread this CRAZY MODE of extremism in everything and thus we have come to an age of craziness ,,, extremism ,,

To be continued .....

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