Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Muslim Extremists ' Plot and Blood Baths in Syria

The Muslim Extremists 'Plot & Blood Baths in Syria 

Ever since the wahabis and salafis started their political-religious movement , the Muslim world has  been drowned in chaos and disturbance ,,, after their deviation and misinterpreting of the Holy Qura'an according to their own ill minded thinking and all this extreme fanatic ideas by which they have poisoned the new generation of those who are converted to Islam as well as those new generation of Arab youngsters in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf  ,,, they have changed all principles and ideas - Islam is a religion which never knows extremes ,, it is a religious of flexibility and moderation in everything ,,,Alas those extremists changed everything upside down ,,, 

Every one knows that  Islam has  NEVER   been a religion of war ,,, as for those Saudis ,, Qataris  ,, Salafis ,, Wahabis ,, extremists ,,they are not real Muslims becuase they have deviated the Qura'an which states = He who kills any human being is considered as if he has killed all people and that shall be punished for that

Allah states in His Holy Qura'an that the soul has been given by Him ( Allah) and it is only He who will take it ,,,no other one can take any soul from any body ,, it is a crime to kill and that He will punish any one who kills by burning hin in Hell ,,,in the deepest level of Hell ,,,,The description of the inferno and the way the killer shall be burnt in Hell is horrifying ,,,

Therefore whoever helps or participates in killing any human being whether a Muslim , Christian , Jew ,, Heathen or of any religion , color , race or any nation shall be burned in Hell ,,,these are Allah's words not mine ,,,however ,, those who have fooled the Arabs by calling these massacres as the Arab Spring ,,, I say this is the Arab Inferno ,,, and all Arabs and Muslims in particular shall be punished by the Almighty even more than others because they know that this is a crime ,,,the worst crime that they are committing ,,, as for the Saudis , Qataris and whoever stand by the Zionists ,, Israel and the USA ,,, their punishment is worse because they are covering up for their crimes for their own interests and in order to spread their ill doctrine and misleading so called Islam ,,, I do pray in this Holy month to the Almighty to make all those who have been mislead by the Saudis and their allies to be awakened and go back to their senses and to STOP this outrageous cry for killing and horror ,,, terror and violence which has brought destruction and constant death to innocent people in Syria and other Arab countries ,,,

The west is enjoying this dirty plot by the Zionists ,,Israel & the USA ,,,so what they think ;;;let them die and kill each other ,,,why should we care ,, I can hear this unspoken word from the mouth of each of those who never lay a finger just as what happened before in Iraq ,, Tunisia ,, Libya ,, Egypt ,, all other Arab countries ,,, and it is in fact  their main  goal to get rid of the Arabs and Muslims ,The Arab governments are happy seeing this blood bath and no one cares at all because all those countries care for their own interests ,,,I wonder what is the result of this blood bath but a tragic destruction of all Arab and Muslim countries ,
prayers for all innocent living beings who are under the shell of bullets all over the world ,,
May PEACE be on earth ...

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