Monday, May 14, 2012

What Has Become of Our World?

What Has Become of Our World
I wonder why most people have lost their values ... most ethics have turned upside down ,,morals are no more around ,, most people have become no more than machines which are automated for certain goals ,, selfish ,, materialistic ,,egoistic ,,,abusive and ill-mannered are most of today 'recent manners that you can find in almost 80% of those around you ,, even your own closest and nearest ones ..
Friendship has become a name wherein a relation is based mostly on benefits and profiteering issues ,, unless you are within this criteria ,,then you are not a good friend ,, No matter how  faithful,, sincere,, real ,, good friend you are - unless you become a hypocrite and a liar ,, a cheater and a bluffer ,,a clown in a circus ,, then you are not welcome in the group ,, or shall I say ,,the society ,, So , now , the question , here, is= 
Are you ready to be one of the above in order to gain your friends 'satisfaction and approval to be in ???
I think that manners ,, moral and ethics are the best capital one ha sand without that self respect will be lost ,, For me , at least - I prefer to live all alone just as Robinson Crusoe in his solitary island  ,, for me = confinement  , rather than stay with such a bunch of hypocrites and ill-mannered people ,, and this is , in fact , my situation now ,,,
ever since I told all those whom I knew ,,or know recently that I will not be involved in any hypocritical manner ,, I became the number one enemy for all ,,whether relatives ,, friends or family members ,,
I still am having lots of  fun and education ,, reading and writing ,, surveying the literature via web sites ,, enjoying practicing my own hobbies ,, meditating,,, praying   & reading the Holy book
( Qur'an)  - feeding my soul  is as important as feeding my body if not even more ,,and watching my favorite TV programmes and films  ,,,sometimes I wonder if having friends that worsen your hardships and relations is in fact of any good to a person ,, I have found out that it is better to stay lonely than to have such mean relations which ends up in hurting you and making you regret spending such bad time ,,
In our Muslim communities nowadays relations have become poisoned with new malice ,, sectarian differences ,, this is all the Wahabis & salafis who have spread this hatred and enmity between shia and sunna ,, all my life have friends for decades and I never know to which sector they belong nor they me ,,, now the first question to be asked the sunnis is = Are you from a shia or sunna sector ? 
When you reply that  it does not matter ,,,they realize that you are a shia so they draw a line right from the very beginning ,, 
I had an old friend who was , in fact an ex - neighbor and whom I had done many good things for which she should be grateful all her life  ,,, years passed and we separated due to life and travel ,, months ago I met her and we started seeing each other again ,, remembering the good old days ,,,,sometimes I needed her when I was sick ,, but she never showed up  and she kept making excuses ,, time went by and things were within limits between us ,, suddenly she started  the usual ill concept by saying bad things about shia which are not , at all , true and I kept telling her that it was not true ,,, she would seize every opportunity to mock and satirize the shia ,, in fact she would make up stories about the shia - which are not true ,, many times , I would tell her nicely to stop that and that we are all Muslims ,, and I would explain how the USA invasion has planted this enmity and this hatred ,, how they want the Iraqis to fight among themselves by issuing this  awful subject of sunna and shia ,, Arans and other minorities ,, she would not listen as she is very biased and an extreme fanatic ,,,I wonder where will this lead to ??
Of course after all my attempts , things went wrong and I had to pull out ,, stay alone as such headache giving relations become a burden , then it is better to live alone than have such tiring and difficult time ,,,
I wonder why do not every one be more educated ,,cultured and civilized so as to accept the other sa they are without all this anatomy ?
Do not you agree?
I wish we all live in peace and love ,, serenity and understanding ,, innocent pure feeling ,,no enmity ,, no hatred ,, no malice ,,
I wish ,,,I wish .. I wish 

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