Saturday, December 01, 2012

Patience Is A Virtue

Patience Is A Virtue

When you are a real  believer you  have patience so you tolerate all sufferings in silence and serenity without complaining unlike other people who become impatient and despondent  for any difficult time or problem they face ,,,

Illness , loss of dear and close persons and   are the most common factors which most people face all over the world in all communities whether rich or poor ,,,educated or ignorant ,, white or black ,, old or young ,,, of all races and nationalities ,,, when we look at the positive attitudes of believers we realize the peace of mind ,, patience , serenity , quietness , inside enlightenment , spiritual purity ,, and of course absolute trust and faith of what is destined to them ,,, that is the secret of happiness and content ,,,

I time of trouble what makes a person strong  and bear the hardships is his/her belief that there is salvation from above and that God works in His  mysterious ways to save His creators ,,

In Our Holy Qur'an Allah addresses His creators and especially the believers  telling them  to call for Him in all times whenever they need Him ,,just call and He is there for them ,, whether in trouble or not or  that all you can do is  call for Me and I will be there for you =
" I am closer to you than your own blood  vein  so call for Me "
I believe in miracles all my life and I have seen  many miracles ,,, I passed away eighteen years ago after my second miscarriage and I came back to life ,, for two minutes and a half I was dead and this was proven by a doctor ,, then I came back to life ,, is'n t that a miracle ,,,!,,,six weeks ago I diagnosed myself  of a thyroid problem  ( and I am not a physician ,,, not a specialist ,, not a doctor  ) ,, in fact I knew without even checking that I have cancer in the thyroid and every one including the doctor disapprove of my word ,,, yet it turned out to be true ,,, it was the Almighty God who inspired me to think and believe in this matter ,,, it turned out that it was bleeding inside for days ,,, haven't I insisted on my thought ,,, what could have happened to me ,,
Aren't these miracles ??
To be a believer means you have to accept and expect the good as well as the bad because life can never be always a green meadow full of beautiful vivid colorful orchards and sweet honey in our mouths ,, there is bitterness and sweetness ,, health & illness, good and bad ,, pain and joy ,, sorrow and love ,, no complete bright way 
We have to be ready for everything and to expect anything ,,, yet with hearts full of serenity and faith that Allah shall not let us down because He loves us ,,,
Allah makes miracles so believe in Him ..He will lead you the way ,,never despair ,,,trust Him ,,,

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