Sunday, December 02, 2012

My Story With Cancer ( Part Four)

My Story With Cancer 4 

The nurse then moved to my left hand  which was 

hurting me a lot especially after she stuck that 

plaster on the canola and I realized that there was

something wrong because  the harder she was 

pushing the sterile water the more pain I felt and 

besides instead of flushing the water into the canola 

,, the blood started flowing into the ground and the

 pain was unbearable , the floor was full of blood 

and that stupid inefficient unqualified  nurse was in

 another world ,she was so stubborn insisting that 

she was doing the right thing ,, I told her to stop 


because I was in terrible pain ,, I could have sewed 

her if I was in another mood  or in another world ,,,

 yet I just wanted to

get rid of all that painful procedure , not a drop of 

water was inserted ,,, I kept asking her to stop and

 she did not ,,, I had then to ring the bell ,,, hence an 

Asian nurse came  and she took over ,,, nicely and 

quietly she removed the plaster …then the needle

 and the  canola  .,,I looked at my hand which 

swallowed and turned greenish red ,,, that nurse

 started wiping the blood from the floor and then she 

left the room ,,,

The Asian nurse was very efficient and highly 

qualified ,,, she nicely inserted a new needle into my

 right arm asking me gently if I have pain while

 touching the veins ,,, I did not even feel when she

 inserted the needle and then everything went well ,,, 

I fell asleep as usual and within these two times in 

hospital I have

  finished reading the Qur’an ,, I found myself very 

close to the Almighty God  during this time and this 

is the best I got from this period in my life : patience 

, belief and coming closer to God ,,, They told me 

that I was in the intensive care for hours and that I

 had complications because of inhaling cigarette 

smoke before the operation what a terrible thing

I did not realize when was day and when was night 

,, all I remember  was   the light of the room went on

then off ,,,and between now and then a nurse would 

come to give  me the medication ,,, next day I was 

lying down when suddenly I could not breathe ,, I

 rang the bell and a nurse came over ,,, I told her

that I could not breathe and that there must be 

someone smoking outside the room ,,, she said no 

,,it is not allowed ,,, I insisted because I could smell 

it and I was choked ,, I started feeling dizzy and 

unbalanced ,, then my hand was stiff ,,, I rang the

 bell again and another nurse came over … please I 

said ,,,it is my blood pressure and there is someone 

here smoking ,,, she went out then came and said yes 

,,, the patient in the opposite room   is smoking and

 his door is open ,,, I said please tell him to stop and 

close the door …

A resident doctor came over and I told him  to check

 my blood pressure ,, he kept mumbling of some 

words saying no it is not your blood pressure ,,, I 

requested him nicely and then they brought the 

gadget ,,, 

,, the blood pressure was 20 over 10 ,,, then it 

went 10 over 6 ,,, I pointed to the oxygen and then I  

could not remember anything ,,,I must have 

fainted ,,, I woke some time looking around to see 

that it was dark again ,,,, What a day ????

To Be continued 

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