Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome Death

Welcome Death

How strange it is that for a life time one never think about the time of death ,,, yet when one realizes that death is near ,, there come s a serenity and relief ,,, it is like a roaring wind which suddenly calms down ,,, the last step of  a long  marathon that tires the competitors who just feel out of breath and who are excited but weary and they no more think of winning or losing but to get to the end ,,,,

Life is so strange ,, you spend it in a struggle ,,, a race ,,, a game sometimes ,, a war in another ,,, you love ,, work ,, run ,,, do all you can to get to your goals and how many are these ,,, so many ,,,not realizing that this will all stop in a moment ,,, not even a minute  nor a second ,,, if you are a strong believer ,, you will feel at ease ,,, peace of mind and soul ,,, a great relief ,,, as if you have won the best price which you have been working for for all your long life ,,, if you are not a believer , however, you might panic ,, be scared to death - what an expression ,= TO DEATH ,,,

I am so content ,, serenity fills my heart ,,, peace of mind controls my brain ,,, peace of soul sheds my soul and finally I would Say I am relieved that everything will just end soon ,,, yet - I believe no one is so sure because it all goes to the Almighty's decision and word ,,,not others to decide ,,,

The best thing here is that when one recalls his / her life & one has not oppressed nor hurt any one throughout their life ,,, this I would say is the best time for us all to remember not to hurt anyone but to love ,,  give ,,, help ,, support ,, be kind and good to all ,,,in order to go and leave this world free from vicious or vices but full of virtues and goodness ,,isn't that marvellous to be pure and virtuous ,,

Life is death and death is life ,,, I remember that I wrote this sentence decades ago when I was in the secondary school ,,, or may be before ,,, I used to write nice compositions at school ,,, I was the first and best in class ,,, my teacher used to collect all my compositions and send them I do not know where to ,,, but once she told me that I will make a very good writer ,,,I  laughed and replied that I wanted to be a doctor ,,
," All your compositions are marvellous "... she used to say ,,, "they are as though written by a mature experienced old person ,,,"   I never realized that but lately when I started writing ,,, years ago I wrote a lot of stories ,,, biography ,,, poetry ,, then I torn everything lest someone will read them ,,, now regret tearing them off ...

Welcome death ,,, I am waiting patiently ,,,,

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