Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The Truth Hurts ....

Why does the truth hurt ???? Why do people hate any one who says the truth ??? I have been thinking about this simple short question and bare truth for quite a time and yet I find all my answers inadequate .... 

Few months ago , all my closest ,,,nearest and dearest were so worried about my possessions and they are not much ,,, though I am not the eldest still without any warnings or signs of illnesses ,,, nor of any cause to my near death ,,, they were all gathering ,,discussing and negotiating how will my possessions be distributed after my death,,,,, one sister kept phoning me telling me to donate or register my piece of land as an endowment to anyone ,,,,then her son came to me telling the same thing ,,they were all urging me to write all I have in another name ,,, who should I write it for ,,,, the whole situation gives me terrible pain and bitterness ,,,, I keep thinking why.... I have never interfered in their private or personal affairs ,,,why should they expect my death and plan to distribute my own possessions which I made by my own effort and hard work ,while I am still living ,,,I have no house of my own ,,I living in a rented flat ,,I have no work,,, I am tired and I need help  rather than to give away everything or at least the last and only thing that I have ,,,, I did not inherit a penny of  what I  own ,,,  they all have their own houses and they are living well with pensions or work ,,,with a lot of children to support and help ,,,surrounded by their own family members unlike me who live alone , displaced and away from any one ,,,, 
The bare fact says that all are waiting for my death ,,, and here am I ,,, now ,,, ill and all alone ,,, having been operated twice in a week and what is to come is still unsure ,,,
Being a strong believer in the Almighty gives me more power and more patience to tolerate this sad bitterness and strange attitude of all those whom I have been the most loving , caring  , generous and kind ,,, 
Yet ,  day by day I realize how can people be so greedy and so selfish as to wish death for their closest person just to get money ,,, what an ugly feeling ...what an ugly inhuman attitude ,,, what a strange life ,,,really very saddening ,,,

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