Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Set Me Free

Set Me Free 
At a time when you think that people are all like yourself = especially if you are kind,  of a gold heart, caring, loving , decent, honest , faithful , sacrificial , simple , virtuous, patient ,  
humane , forgiving and above all you do everything to please the other person ,,,, such characteristics sound almost angelic rather than human= but it is true ; though in the this world such a person of all these virtues sounds too good to be true ,,, yet there are still thousands if not millions all over the whole world who are still enjoying such merits ,,, it is called virtues ,,,

When you love someone to the extent that you are ready to sacrifice your own life ,,, to do anything just to please and comfort him , you almost die for him and at the end = he rewards you by abundance , negligence , desertion , cheating and finally deleting you of  his life ,,,, what will you do ,,,

You wait and wait and wait = thinking that by time - he will realize his mistake , come and correct what  the damage done ,,, but ALAS ,,, no sign of this at all ,,,,You pass the most difficult time in your life ,,, you fall ill ,,you are all alone and you write to him ,,,but , he never lays a finger ,  very indifferent ,, pretending that he did not get the message ,,, you send him an oral message through a third person ,,, yet no response ,,, you keep writing to him and he ignores all your messages ,,, in fact never respond and sens you an irrelevant strange message congratulating you on an occasion for which you are not aware as you have been so ill spending your week in hospital ,,, having two major operations in one week and your situation is critical ,,, you are admitted to the ER twice and are having complications  and are in your worst and most dangerous life time,,,,

How do you react ???
Would you stay requesting him ??
Would you keep writing asking him to respond??
Would not that be HUMILIATION???
This is a very INHUMANE situation ....
It a very clear reply that YOU are NOT WANTED anymore ,,
So you MUST get the UNSAID , UNWRITTEN message ,,,,i.e . = THIS PERSON HATES YOU & he does not want you any more in his life ..
He has already sent you a VERY CLEAR  SILENT MESSAGE
It says :
Have some dignity and stop all these hopeless messages ,,
It is the END ....
Your time has finished ....
You no more exist for that person ,,,
He has deleted you ,,,terminated you ,,,erased you of his life 

WHO KNOWS - after all  may be you will be better of without such a person
who has given you all this pain 
Life is FULL of surprises 

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