Wednesday, November 21, 2012



We always sympathize with others ,whether for those suffering from natural disasters ,, man made disasters ,, diseases ,,, whatever ,,, however, when we know those who are sufferings ,, it is more prominent or shall I say our sharing and sympathy is more ,,, ,, when we hear about someone who is suffering from an illness especially those fatal diseases such as cancer or aids ,,, we feel sad or may be upset ,, we might cry  then we pray for the Almighty to cure  them  ,,, whatever hard or painful  the suffering of others is ,, surely we can never realize it as they do ,,, we can never be in their shoes ,,, BUT how if we are those patients ,,, what if we are in that situation ,,, what if we  get cancer ,,what if we know that our days are almost finished and our end is very very near ,,, how will our reaction be ...
It is either that we panic ,,, scared ,,, cry ,,, do not believe it ,,,so we become helpless ,,, hopeless ,,disappointed and then we might have a nervous break down ,,,,thus we deteriorate ,,,
If we are REAL believers ,,, we accept it gladly and just keep on living  our last days peacefully ,,praying to the Almighty to make our death calm ,,,near and with less suffering ,,, less pain ,,, we might want to stop all those acts and situations that hurt us and we forgive all those who hurt us in our life ,,,we might not want our dearest and nearest know about this ,,,however , sooner or later they will know ,, because we are near to death ,,,,
If we have some people in our life who have let us down though we have NEVER done so ,,, I , myself , would not want such people to know anything about my cancer ,,,because I will either get their pity instead of love or their gloating ,,, so it is better to stay away from those and not letting them see you if you know that they do not really love you especially if they given you up in your most difficult times ,,,while you were always for them when they wee in their most difficult time s...
Cancer is only a way of death ,,,because eventually we Will all die in many different ways ,,,whether illnesses , diseases , or any other cause ,,, so why fear ,,, leave it to God and spend the rest of your days in patience and prayers ,,, enjoy the few days as much as you can or at least be serene and calm ,,,do good things to others ,,,s eek treatment if there is ,,, and wait calmly and patiently to your day to come ,,, it will come soon ,,


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