Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The life of The last Prophet & Messenger | Muhammad | Documentary

Islam respect all doctrines and religions ,,in fact we Muslims love all prophets and we know that they are sacred ,, we love  , Adam ,,Noah,, Ibrahim,, Joseph,  Moses , Virgin Mary , Jesus ,,,all other prophets and we do not let anyone say something and about any prophet ,,,  we , therefore feel offended when anyone even if a Muslim talks badly about any of those divine characters ,,, It is  a shame and a pity that those extremists who have stained the name of Islam and who have misinterpreted the Holy Qur'an ,have indirectly started this chaos ,,  they  have changed all concepts and  deviated the principles of Islam ,,, Al-Qaida which was founded by  Bin Laden = the Salfis & wahabis ,,which were sponsored and supported by Saudis ,, CIA & Israel ,, those started  this extreme odd tide as a political movement under covered by religion's name,,,
Whether those who made this film are individuals or groups ,, political or religious .. it is not accepted by all ... 
Islam  is a religious of love , forgiveness , peace and mercy ,,, those who are killing and slaughtering .. looting and making chaos are in fact no more than irrational riots who are pushed by certain sides ,,,
I do hope that the whole world realize that Islam is not a bad religion nor a religion of violence ,,,it is a religion of PEACE & LOVE ,,,  

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