Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hackers Stole My Blog’s Address

Hackers  Stole My Blog’s Address
Please NOTE that there are some hackers – I do not know who or from where  have stolen my blog’s name – which I invented 
 ( to advertise for their own trafficking industry or marriages
and such  affairs , I am sure that they are from those whom I write about ( the EXTREMISTS ) who have stained  Islam by their terror , killing and slaughtering which they have imported from their country to Iraq and elsewhere , I am sure it is them  because the advertisements they have put  in this site is typical of their own wrong doings  ,,
 I  will find a way to sue them  soon ,,,
Shame on such ill-mannered ,, dirty- minded people   .Moreover , they are taking money for this site and it is against the law to do this - especially that it is in my blog's name ,,,I hope to find some one who can help me sue them or do some thing to delete their site .
Nidhal M. Al-Nakkash

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