Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FULL HD - Muhammad Movie Trailer - Innocence Of Muslims - فضيحة الاسلام...

This is outrageous,, After Salman Rushdi's satanic Verses ,,,now comes this terrible video ,,,we are all asked to write about our prophet Mohammed and His merits ,,,this is all an outcome of the extremists who have changed our religion into a religion of TERROR & VIOLENCE ,,,The extremist are to blame for all this ,,, It all because those extremes of salfis and wahabis who have misinterpreted the Qur'an ,,they kill ,,,slaughter and murder innocent people in the name of Jihad ,,and Islam ,,, Islam is the religion of Salam= peace and it has never encourages killing ,,in the Qur'an God states that = killing one person is a crime considered as of killing all people ,,, Those extremists started by Al-Qaida ,,Bin Laden who was helped and supported & supported by the Saudi Arabia , CIA sponsored by Israel = this has been proven by Hillary Clinton who admitted that a month ago publicly saying that they did so to defeat Russia & Taliban ,,, now the whole conspiracy is uncovered ,,, Salman Rushi's Satanic Verses = 20 years ago have almost been forgotten ,,, Now this new outrageous film has reminded us of all this hatred and enmity of those who are behind this terrible act ,,,,I hope that Muslims become more rational and try to spread the facts to write about the reality of prophet Mohammed instead of all this chaos and irrational deeds ...let the whole world know who is prophet Mohammed ,,,we all condemn this terrible crime ,,,,but we should not be silent ,,we must speak ,, write and react wisely ,,,no need for barbarian savage acts,,

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