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Is This The Age of Extremism 2

Is This The Age of Extremism 2

Despite that fact that the west has a completely different culture , traditions ,,way and style of  life than that of the east or shall I say the middle east ,,,yet in the last decades the east , the middle east and particularly the Arab countries have been affected very much by the western culture and life ,,, however , having lived and studied in England during the eighties and as a Muslim Iraqi girl ,,, I , myself have not copied any trace of the English culture or traditions ,,, not because they are bad or different ,,, not at all ,,, but because I believe that each nation should be proud of its own culture ,,, yet one can learn to adopt whatever suit them and whatever helps them to improve their own life ,,, if all nations adopt one culture ,,, then  the whole world would be in a chaotic state because it is not at all easy for nations who have been used to a special kind of life for centuries to eliminate and demolish ,, forget and delete a life time culture ,,,therefore one will be like the domestic   duck which tried to imitate the birds and fly high in the sky so it fell down ,, broke its neck and finally died ,,, what I want to say here is that the Arabs ,, easterners ,, and those who have a certain culture should not forget about their own origin ,,,I wish they could copy things that are good for them ,, I admit there are so many positive and active matters which we can adopt but not all ,,, therefore we should be very careful in what to learn and take from the west and what to keep and cling to from our own world ,,, after all ORIGINALITY is wonderful ,,, genuine and worth keeping and treasuring  ,,, 

Until now you may feel that I am drifted away from the main subject = extremism ??? Actually no ,,, I have raised this subject in order to come to the main concern which I have discussed in part 1... , previously I described how  extremism  have become the distinctive imprint and sign of this decade ,,, it is as if we have imported a stereo type of the western character to the east / Arab world ,,, you can see how the appearance is alike in almost everything ... the problem is so many  new recent movements which have been initiated in the west for a reason have been copied inhere - BUT for no reason ,,,just copy & paste =  though we do not need that ,,,  I wish that those copiers would copy whatever suits our societies and which can improve our youth life and future not otherwise ,,, if you watch any  Arab satellite channel  today , you will be astounded to see the way almost most American & western  entertaining programs are  reproduced in Arabic versions = this is not progress ,, nor development ,,,, it is an extreme blind  imitation of something which will not add anything good to our culture nor to our education or future ,,,, if you see how birthday parties ,, wedding parties ,,, some anniversaries ,,, special customs ,,,you will be very surprised to see all the western habits ,, customs ,,, are transformed into our world ,,, overspending just to look as the American or European when families have to drown in debts --- is not that exaggeration in spending and false appearance ???
Is NOT that EXTREMISM ?????  especially when we live in a world full of ignorance ,,, trouble ,,, chaos and  imbalance in almost all sorts of fields of life ,,,,
Well ,,, if we want to copy something from the west , why not copy whatever can help us improve our situation ??? Why not learn from the west how to live properly ??
Why do we have to be extremists to achieve any goal ...
I can say that I am here concerned about my own culture which is dying gradually because of imitation ,,, exaggeration & extremism ,,, 
Yesterday , I was invited to a Palestinian Henna party  -  a day before the wedding wherein the bride and bride groom have a special party in which their family celebrate and make special ceremony to decorate the bride's palm with henna and wherein the two families & friends  gather  to rejoice this occasion   ,,, I like the way most of the ladies dress up = they all put their beautiful colorful  national  dresses ,,, they sang their national songs ,,,dance their own national dabka and it was so original ,,,there was not much food or drinks but I enjoyed the moderation as well as the originality ... no extremism but moderation ...

Our life need more simplicity ,,, more moderation and less exaggeration ,,, the world should not drown in Americanism ,,, Westernization.... We need to have more  diversity ,,, differences and variations ... why should we  exaggerate in everything just to look like others ,,, each and every one is a  unique world that should be recognized and cherished ,,, be moderate ,,,have your own personality and originality ,,,live moderately as you are in your own country with your own customs ,,, traditions and be proud of who you are ,,,,
There is no need to cover your face and hands and say I am a Muslim lady and I have to do this ,,,, THIS HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIONED IN THE HOLY QURA'AN ,,,,,,Why be an extreme in your religion ,,,
There is no need to drown yourself in debts to impress others for any occasion whatsoever ,,,, be moderate and spend whatever you can ,,,
There is no need to exaggerate and be an extreme in anything at all ,,,
Islam is the religion of moderation ,,, it is a pity how those wahabis ,, salafis and Saudis turn it into such a religion according to their own misinterpretations of the Qura'an in order to suit their own desires ,,, wishes and interests ,,, 
I do hope that the day comes when I see things go back to normal ,,, where reform is done ,,, where  the world realize that those ill EXTREMISTS have stained every white beautiful  page of our life ...

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