Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Living Alone

Living Alone

living alone can be a blessing to someone  ,,, yet it can be a curse  to another  . Sometimes you live with  your own family i e ,, parents ,, siblings ,, spouses ,,but you find yourself lonely ,,they might not understand you nor share with you whatever you like ,,, sometimes you live all by yourself yet you are contented with your own loneliness . Psychologically , most psychiatrists   would describe loneliness or living alone as an illness to be treated ,,, and that it is not at all good nor healthy to stay alone ... in the past when life was simpler with no such developed technology as we have today - people needed to be together ,,to stay with a group ,, to have communication whether verbally or emotionally ,, now things have changed , we are living in a world wherein communication has become within our reach in minutes ,, all around you ,,you can contact anyone you like through the internet ,, the world has become a very small village ,, this revolutionary change has made it easier to live alone ,, in fact you are never alone if you have access to the internet ,, you see and talk with whom you want any time you want ,, you communicate your own personal ideas and thoughts through writing ,,, you get to know internet friends ,, you might even get very good healthy relations with others ,,
Still , face to face interaction is necessary , because man is sociable and  this relation is needed to build  feelings and emotion that is more realistic or shall I say touchable ,,
When you live with someone , you feel more secure ,,you know there is someone for you ,, whom you love and who loves you ,, in times of trouble ,, sickness ,, sadness ,, he/she is there for you ,,,BUT if are alone - there comes times when you need a person badly to help you but sadly you find no one ,,,it hurts a lot ,, it is painful and specially if you are ill and there is no one around you ,,,however, there are people whose presence is useless and they act as if they do not exist ,, so you can be surrounded with four or five but in fact no one understands you nor helps you ,, then here the equation is  even ,,, what would you do when your own partner leaves you all alone while you are ill and can not move ,, he/she leaves you and goes  out for no reason? ...

What would  you do if your own siblings let you down and desert you in the time when you needed them most ?
What would you do when your best friends ask about you only when they need something from you ?
What would you do you when you find that every one asks about you only if they need something from you ?
What would you do if you suddenly realize that every one is interested in you because you are the machine which does all the work ,, pays all the bills ,, makes all the jobs and NEVER says No to a single person = especially those whom you cherish ,, love and give everything to ? But  when you need them = no one,. no one at all pays attention ,,,they all vanish ,, disappear ???

Would you then prefer to stay an abused , used person  till  the end? Or would you prefer to save your skin and run away from such a destiny ? 
It is so nice to love and be loved ,, to give and take ,, to help and get helped ,,, reciprocal feeling and action ..  however, once you realize that you are ABUSED ,,, USED ,,then it is time for you to leave such relationships because this is an ill relation which must be stopped ,, ended ,,,
BUT , you might stay alone ,, lonely and deserted !!! and loneliness is not good ,, it is not healthy ,, it will cause depression and stress ( this is the analysis of psychological studies and psychiatrists ) ... so what is the solution? 
Not at all ... if you are a believer who  really thinks that the Almighty Allah exists and He has given us life and He only can take our souls in death ... if you believe in Him and that He is the only Savior ,,to Him goes all and everything ,,, believe me you will be strong by living alone , you will gain more strength and patience ,,you  will have sharper thinking ,, best solutions for your problems ,, you can then get to do things your own way ,, it is this time that you will realize who really loves you ,,, in such  situations where  every one lets you down ,,, you realize then that loneliness might be the only way out of such ill relations ,,and such ill people .. 
life can be better only if you realize your own goal and set a nicely planned program for your daily life without any disturbances ,,
After all living alone can be quiet ,,and you  will have your own privacy without the trouble of other people's interference and therefore it is better to accommodate oneself to any situation rather than keep moaning and groaning ,,, you can not have it all , can you? 
So if you are living alone ,, or you find yourself lonely - cheer up & live your day as if it is the last day you have ,, enjoy nature ,,, go for a walk ,, write ,, read ,, play ,, paint ,, do anything you like BUT NEVER GIVE UP ....

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