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Is It Too Late

Is It Too Late

When were small children , we thought - or at least I , myself, thought that time never runs ... flies as Chomsky ' Transformational Theory says ,,,life was no more than fun ,,, play ,, school ,,,stories ,, fairy tales ,,, chocolates ,, parental &love and cuddling ,, life was a beautiful path with no care but only when we fell ill ,,, however, that was the time when mummy   would stay all nights long beside you so whenever you open your eyes you see her there ,, your father would keep bringing you toys  ,  sweets , books ,stories ,, and all that you love ,,, so that sometimes you would not want to recover because`all those around you show you how much they love you ,,, was being ill the time of love ,,, or showing you how much all love  you ....even your siblings who usually were not so caring and loving became very compassionate ,, loving and caring ,,, 
Time passes by and you grow a little bit older ,,, there come s the time of fantasy ,,, imagination ,, besides love from every one BUT ,,, here you have put yourself into a stage of imagination ,,, probably this is the time of embarrassment of your own body change ,,,for girls with the growth & appearance  of the breast for the first time ,- unless you have been told nicely by your own mother about these changes - you might be frighten to death thinking that there is something wrong with you ,,, as small girls who have not been informed by their mothers it is a disaster ,,, looking at their mothers all the time seeing mothers and other women in her age with breasts seems so normal because they are mothers ,older sisters ,  aunts , or any one in this category of family ,,, but for you yourself ,,, no = this is hell ,,,well that is what one woman told me about herself = she said ,,, suddenly I saw that I have my boobs growing ,,, what am I going to do ??? 
How old were you ? I said - I was 9 going 10 , may be ,,, = she said ...
So I panicked because no one old me that I would have this change ,,, this thing coming  ..., so I took one of my dresses and sew two few inches from both sides i e tightened it so it became very tight that can hardly fit ,,, I wear a second one above ,it hurt I felt pain ,,but what to do I have to make this thing go ,,,, I looked at myself and the breast was almost gone but I looked clumsy ,,,a day ,, two , passed and my mother looked one day at me and said ,,, hey come here , how many dresses have you put on >>> ??? I was so embarrassed`,, I could not utter a word ,, she looked at me and said :
 dear little one you are growing ,,, this is normal ,,don't you see your sisters and me ,, every girl has breasts when she grows up ,,,she added 
Well ,,, that incident and many others occurred shortly  in a such a little  time for all living being ,,, human as well as animals , plants ,,, insects ,,, every living being ..
 -Anyway in societies and communities wherein there is not much education or shall I say  openness among family members ,,,confusion ,,, misunderstanding ,,,problems might happen causing the individuals a lot of stress ,, tension and sometimes it involves suffering ,,, so education ,,, openness and teaching scientific matters is very important and essential ,,
Life goes on and people grow older ,, realizing how many things they should have done ,, suddenly one finds himself/ herself how quickly  they  have grown older = and in fact old  ,,, tired and probably sick that he/ she is not even able to do much of what they wanted to do  ,,,
 BUT is it too late to do things that you dreamt of doing when you were young ??? 

This question is always asked by many =
But ,, I said ,, no buts ,, she said : yes it is too late,,, life has gone like a dream ,,, I woke up to see my self old and unable to achieve what I wanted to  do ,,, so may dreams I could not make true ,,, so many things I desired to have ,, so may years have passed away without me noticing ,,, she said ,,,
OK ,,try to do whatever you can ,,,I said ,,, 
It is too late ,, no time ,, I am too old to start from zero , she said 
Is It Really Too Late  ???
What Do You Think ??
A Question for YOU ? 

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