Monday, February 20, 2012


The Illusion

This century has been the most disastrous melancholic disturbed till now ,,, killing and violence , terror and blood  have  become its prominent  characteristic ,,,this is due to the greed of the top superpowers in the world = Israel & USA which are ruling under the ZIONISTS ,,, the other reason behind all this tragic situation is the empty minded- chaotic silly selfish cheating leaders of the Arab and Islamic countries who have become like shrewd  savage dogs attacking each other for no reasons at all ,,, thus they disunited and found faults with each other so they became so weak as to defend themselves or help each other in time of troubles ,,for this reason the ENEMY = Israel & USA found it so easy to indulge and achieve their evil plan in controlling over ;  to execute their malicious plan  , they twisted the truth , they lied and made the whole world believe in their lies ,,they manipulated the truth ,,their plan would not have been done if the Arab leaders were united ,,so they got the approval and help of their allies from both foreign and Arab countries = they invaded Iraq basing this on THE BIGGEST LIE in history claiming that Iraq owns weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq is threatening America & the World ,,, no Arab country stood with Iraq and so after 8 or 9 years Iraq is still under chaos ,, destruction and it is ruined completely ,,,

The next step was to destroy the other Arab & Muslim countries by spreading false news and propaganda all over the Arab countries raising a so called  revolutionary spirit to light the sparks ,,,deep down behind the plan is the real target to weaken the Arab nations  not to change the regimes as they claimed BUT as the Arabs are so SIMPLE-MINDED ,,,spontaneous , good- hearted ,,not having  sophisticated  minds or characters and here I mean most of those  who are still inexperienced  unqualified ignorant young generations who are full of energy ,,enthusiasm and high spirit , , those who are ready to explode their energetic spirit in any way ,,, they therefore spread the word and instead of construction , ,,,effective fruitful work , they geared them towards what they called as ( THE ARAB SPRING) ,, which is no more than PONDS of BLOOD ,,,EVIL ,,DESTRUCTION ,,CONSTANT DEATH ,,VIOLENCE ,,,KILLING ,,, NO MORE THAN GOING TO  THEIER OWN DESTRUCTION & RUIN BY THEIR OWN HANDS ,,,and this is how they drove the whole Arab peninsula towards their end while they saved their own allies =the Saudi Arabia & the Gulf states  because the latter have paid then in advance ,,,up till this moment and even after the Wiki Leaks documents have been spread showing the truth =  the world is still drowning in its illusion ,,, or shall I say the ARAB WORLD IS STILL DROWNING IN ITS ILLUSION
When shall we be awaken from this ILLUSION ????
When ?? I keep wondering ??

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