Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Zionist Plan for Iraq

The Zionist Plan for Iraq
Civilization means law and order ,,, it is a pity that the most civilized countries are dealing with politics in a non- civilized way = the new policy of the USA is = survival for the most savage and brutal country / not for the most wise or best ,,,this is the new technique which the Zionists has stated to overcome the world and  YES they have succeeded = after invading Iraq ,,they imported terror & violence to Iraq ,,,they transplanted sectarian wars ,,, they are still spreading this poisonous plan of sectarian struggle in all the Muslim countries and alas most ignorant and illiterate extremist follow such currents thus we are now sinking in a deep pond of blood because of this ,,,, shortly this is spreading like cancer tissues all over the Arab & Muslim countries and voila = Mission Accomplished ,,, what a bright clever plan ,,,really I salute the Jews for their brains ,,they have got the smartest slyest intelligence ever ,,

Watch this lecture by the  Israeli  professor . Asher Susser from Moshe Dayan  Centre for the Israeli Studies ( A Zionist spreading bloody war to all Muslims and Arabs ) = as a linguist who has studied Linguistics in York University ( UK) I recognized his intonation and realized how simple some Arabs & Muslims can be to follow such poisonous ideas so simply and without realizing the evil plan 
Please watch this bloody plan ,,,no human being but a vampire will think of that evil way to make people kill each other without any reason =

The Protestant and Catholic have their own differences of ideas and they kept fighting for decades , yet there came a time when they realized that this struggle must have an end ,,,so they got over it and reconciled – at least they managed to live together in peace ,,, no other sides interfered == how come now the Zionists , Israelis and Americans are interfering to separate between sunnis and shia ,,,or shall I say set fires and start wars ,, common sense says it is because of their  mutual  interests   to weaken this nation which is still deeply  asleep == we need an awakening from this brain wash operation and this can never be done but by education and a very quick jump start plan to all those who have been under this opium drug of sectarian struggle ,,,
I wonder when will the Muslims wake up and reconcile whatever their differences are whether religious, political or social ,,, 

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