Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Watch this Evil Poisonous Zionist Plan to Spread Sectarian Struggle Between Muslims

Please watch this Zionist Israeli university Professor who is spreading sectarian struggle between Muslims ,,,a very dirty filthy evil plan ,,,I hope that Muslims and Arabs realize the target behind it and they cooperate and live in peace and love among them without any discrimination of any sort == whether in religion , politics ,, or any other field ,,, each person is free to think and believe in any  ideas ,,, doctrine ,,,religion ,,it is one's deeds that counts ,,, Why follow such dirty plan ,,, WAKE UP MUSLIMS wherever you are ?? whoever you are ? whatever you are ....NEVER let these poisonous snakes bite you ,,, their aim is very clear to make you  weak in your souls ,,, be strong enough to oppose such calls ,,these are the calls of the devil ,,,follow the Almighty Allah who does not want to fight with your fellow men ,, brothers and sisters in humanity ,,, no matter what happens let love be your friend ,,,  
PEACE on earth & let peace & love  fill your heart towards each other ...

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