Friday, September 23, 2011



Words are small forms uttered in isolation or content to express ideas ,, thoughts ,,, feelings ,,, to communicate with others ,,, humans are the only living beings who can speak and get this gift of using words to express themselves ,,,, however , most people MISUSE this gift by uttering words that hurt other people's  feelings ,,, they say 
a wound heals but a bad word stays in the heart
 and can never be forgotten ,,, how easy it is to utter a word ,,, how difficult it is to receive an insult from a close person especially if you have been so good  to them ,,,I think that some people are mean in their nature and they do not care about others' feeling ...if every person thinks about the others in the same way he thinks of himself  ,,, he would be more considerate and less harsh ,,, no one wants to be insulted or hear bad words  of any kind whatsoever ,,, if you have been good and kind , loving and caring , gentle and polite to all those whom you know or even do not know =  it will be very painful to get bad and mean words ,,,accusations or slander ,,,why does a person make such a thing ???
especially if he knows about the nature of the recipient ,,, such behavior is unforgivable and  unaccepted ,,, hurting people's feeling is so bad and once you utter a bad word ,, you can never go back ,,, there is no remedy because whatever sorry you might be later on ,,it will never heal the deep wound into the other person's heart and feelings,,
WORDS ,, ٍSPEECH SENSE is the best blessing and bliss granted to us by the Almighty Allah and we should realize how this gift can turn into a curse if we do not use it correctly

Oh God Help Me to Keep My Mouth Shut 
Until I Know What am I Talking About 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Human Rights ,,,,Where To ??

Human rights ...Where To ...???

In the past , vocabulary such as suffering ,, oppression ,,injustice  ,,abuse  were used so rarely - probably when America was treating the black race  with brutality ,,,using them as slaves ,,, in  other continents the feudal system was   unjust to the farmers ,so were few other systems ,, but as concerns nations ,, peoples ,, on individual level  suffering ,, oppression and injustice were rare words  - life was simple .. human relations were clear ,, fine ,,, honesty and credibility shed each family ,, truth ,, frankness ,, real love covers such relations ,,, if you  survey the literature  , you will find that when individuals violate others' rights ,,,it becomes like a scandal in the mouth of every single person and hence is the difference between the past and present ,,, nowadays  all over the world people's rights are violated every minute whether by the systems of their own governments or by their own societies and even their closest , nearest and dearest ones ... 
Therefore there is an organization for Human Rights  because  the number of those who are abused is increasing every day ,,, men abuse women and children ,, husbands abuse wives ,, brothers abuse sisters ,, parents abuse children ,, bosses abuse employers and so on ,,, 
Why Does any one abuse another person ?? 
there are many reasons most of which are  psychological ,,environmental and social ,,, yet I believe that it  is  mostly personal , mental and because of  lost souls due to the lack of faith and confidence ,,,
What makes a person an abuser ? Is it his lack of  confidence ?? evil mentality??ill manners?? bad bringing ?? or what ?? 
Most cases of personal abuse and injustice have shown all the previous factors ,,,
Finally where do this lead to ,,, Will this ill phenomenon have an end at present ?? 
It is a pity to say that in the present time things are deteriorating concerning this  problem because on the personal  as well as  the public level ,  it  is increasing ; moreover , with greed of the government everywhere - human rights are shrinking more and more ,, 
Prayers for the lost souls to find their way to guidance so that peace and serenity cover our life instead of abuse and oppression ...



What is failure ??? 
In our life we have events ,,, experience ,,,jobs ,,,we have families ,, acquaintances,, friends ,, colleagues ,, we meet strangers ,,, we are introduced to new subjects ,,, life is always full of new as well as old issues ,,, when we  get satisfaction of what is presented to us - we say  this is success ; however , when we could not get that satisfaction or agreement  - then it is failure  , yet if we think about the consequences afterwards - we realize that what was a failure in one subject  has turned out into a success in another matter ,, subject or issue =Thomas Edison  has tried a thousand times to invent his great invention ( the electricity) so the consequence or result from his previous attempts - which are called failure, brought the greatest invention to humanity till this moment ,,, he brought light to our dark nights ,,then , can we say that Thomas Edison is a man of failure ,,, definitely not ,,,this , applies to professional as well as personal experience ,, life can not be only gains ,, there are losses as well as gains in everything ,,, but we  do not really see what is behind the scene ,,, if you lose your job , you can get a better  one even if after a long period ,, if you lose a friend , he might not be the right one for you ,, if you lose a partner , he could be causing you pain ,,, there is always a bright day after a gloomy day ,,, a  sun light after a dark night ,,,this is life ..winning is not everything ,,,failure is  not a good word to be used in our life ,,, let us change it into attempt ...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

الطير يرقص مذبوحا من الألم

الطير يرقص مذبوحا من الألم 

هل شاهدت يوما طيرا على وشك الموت بسبب اصابة في جناحه او ساقه او جسمه؟؟؟ هل نظرت جيدا اليه وهو يرفرف بحركات سريعه تاره وبطيئه تارة اخرى وكانه يرقص ؟؟ هل يا ترى تعلم بمدى الالام التي يعانيها والعذاب التي يملء قلبه وروحه المتعبة ؟؟ لا احد يعلم بما في داخل روح اي مخلوق... طيرا كان ام حيوان أم انسان ...جميعنا يرى المنظر الخارجي لكل المخلوقات ولكل الاشياء ولا احد ابدا يعلم بما في داخلنا ... احيانا كثيره تحسد بعض الناس لانهم دائما يظهرون بوجوه صبوحه مبتسمه وعيون ضاحكه وفي مجالسهم تقضي اجمل الاوقات فتراهم يمرحون ويضحكون ويمتعون المجالس بقصصههم الطريفه والكل يغبطهم لانهم ينشرون السعاده حولهم ولا احد يعلم انهم ربما يعيشوا حياة مليئه بالعذاب والالام ولكن نفوسهم صافيه وارواحهم جميله لا يريدون ان يعكسوا تعاستهم على الاخرين .. في حين ترى اناس اخرون يعكسون وجوها اخرى مليئه بالغضب والقهر ولا تحب مجلسهم فكلما تكلموا تسمع الانين والشكوى ويقلبون مجالسهم الى حزن وكآبه ..ولكنهم في الواقع اناس يعيشون حياة عادية جدا بل ربما هم اكثر حظا من غيرهم  الا ان عدم الرضا والقناعه حولت نفسياتهم الى ارواح ضائعه وبذلك اصبحوا يعكسون سلبياتهم على الاخرين ؟؟ وهنا تكمن الحقيقه الناصعه وهي ان الروح والنفس الصافيه المليئه بالرضا والقناعة تعكس الحب والراحه والبهجه في حين تعكس الروح الضائعة والمتعبه عدم الرضا والشكوى والكآبه وتجعل شخصيه ومجلس صاحبها غير مرغوبه وغير محبويه 
ايهما افضل ان نعكس الفرح والرضا والسعاده ام الشكوى والانين والكآبه ... لا شك ان الايجابيه والتفاؤل اساس  الصحه النفسيه وبالتالي اساس الراحه وصفاء النفس والمرح والسعاده 
يقول المثل الياباني : بدل ان تلعن الظلام ... اشعل شمعه 
لتكن حياتنا كلها شموع 
لتكن نفوسنا مليئه بالتفاؤل 
لتكن ارواحنا مفعمه بالسلام 

Monday, September 19, 2011

When your life is Stolen !

As far as she is concerned happiness is measured not by time but by events,,,when she was a small girl - her passion for reading and drawing was beyond everything ,,,her best enjoyment was when she indulged herself in the heroes ,, heroins and events in each story ,, poem ,,, novel or even a picture she would see ,,, of course only the good ,, beautiful ,,sensational ones ,,, so by years she developed  a love for art ,, and nature ,,, she would stay hours reading a novel forgetting her lunch  or dinner ,,at times , her father- who was her friend  ,,  would object about her taking her novel in her tiny soft   hand reading while the spoon hang in her  other  hand ,,, ,
How many times I tell you  leave your books when we are at the table dear  little one you hear me ,, the book will not escape can read later,,,,
Yes , father ,, only this paragraph ,,please 
It is not good for your health ,,, your food will not be digested in this way ,,, the brain will not be able to give 
instruction to the stomach while you are busy reading  ??
She would smile at him and carry on her reading ,,, 
At times , her father would take the book gently from her and force her to eat ,,,
She was obsessed ,, haunted by literature ,,, beautiful things fascinate her till now ,,, She would spend a long time sitting in the garden watching the flowers ,, small leaves of trees falling at the grass  ,, or even just looking at the stream of water ,,, drops of rain ,,, hail ,,, heavy rain for her was not a blessing as the farmers say ,,,but a magic ... a picture of beauty ,,, a sacred natural phenomenon ....she was such a sensational child ,,, she would spend hours painting a picture ,,, sewing a dress ,,, working on embroidery ...crochet ,,knitting ,,,or,,,dreaming  of her future ,,, at times she would see herself as a princess ,,, she would look at herself in the mirror when she hears the nice compliments about her beautiful lustrous chestnut hair and wide brown  eyes  ,, angelic lovely innocent beauty ,with her baby face and small figure ,, but it never occurred to her that she was  like other girls who would grow up to marry and have a family ,,, she thought that she was may be a character of Emily Bronte or Charlotte Bronte ,,, may be one of the characters of Shakespere' s sonnets ,,,  la belle dame sans mercy ,,,  the dark lady ,,any beautiful sensational girl in fiction ,,,,
 Keats ,, Shelly ,,Byron ,, Wordsworth  and many have affected her inner soul ,,, when she joined college 
To be continued   

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Strangers in Our Own Home

Strangers in Our Own Families 

Ever since God created Adam and eve , then their offsprings - human nature showed enmity ,, hatred ,,, envy and jealousy among the closest ,, nearest and dearest ones Cain , out of jealousy slew  Abel =
Here is an extract from Wikipedia about their story 

Cain and Abel (Arabic: هابيل ,قابيل , Qabil and Habil) are believed by Muslims to have been the first two sons of Adam and Eve, although they are not mentioned by their names in the Quran. The story in the Qur'an[1] is virtually the same as the Hebrew Bible narrative, saying that both the brothers were asked to offer up individual sacrifices to God. God accepted Abel's sacrifice because of Abel's righteousness and Cain, out of jealousy, slew Abel. This was the first ever sin committed upon Earth but Abel was chronicled in history as one of the first believers and as the first ever martyr. Although Islam does not traditionally view Abel as a prophet, some scholars speak of him as a prophet like his father[2].

Whatever this historic real story tells us ,,,it is definitely brutal and inhuman ,,,though these two were of a divine sacred origin ,,, Nowadays , people have become more brutal ,,, selfish ,,,envious and full of malicious spirit and mean souls due to the estrangement and going away from religion ,,,morals and principles : therefore , we can see so many broken houses ,,,shattered families ,,, ill - relationships ,,lack of real true love and I can say no credibility among members of  a one  single family ... parents , siblings , spouses , children ,, sons and daughters =all these are apart and having difficulties understanding each other ,, being true ,,sincere and loving to each other ... 
The question arises here : 
Whose mistake is this??? 
Is it the parents? ,,the society?,, the school?,, the media? ,,the circumstances? ...or which factor or factors cause this ugly unhealthy universal sick phenomenon????
My guess is ...mostly the SOUL ... the inner self ,,, of course all the above - mentioned factors do affect these  sick relations ...yet , there are many individuals who can control their own souls and this is because they have FAITH and confidence ,,,both in the Almighty Allah and in themselves ,,,
Teaching ourselves to be loving , caring ,, good to others is not so difficult -  once you learn how to be true to your creator ,, to yourself and thus to others ,,,BUT it might be difficult for those who practice malice and meanness all their life ..
The soul is the mirror of each and every person ..
Prayers for all LOST SOULS
May we all live in PEACE,,LOVE ,,UNDERSTANDING ,,,CARING ,,,GIVING ,,KINDNESS and help each other in this brutal savage life 

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