Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Many Wars -America ????

How Many Wars America ???

I think that America SHOULD be in Guinness to get the number one in making wars and killing people ,,, History should remember this ogre called America ,,, Till this moment America has been so furious like no other mad and bloodthirsty beast going around making wars ..killing innocent civilians all over the Arab countries ,,, 
The problem is the Arab nation has become so much stupid so as to believe what is dictated to it by this new brain wash plan of living under tyranny and oppression ...I myself ,,,have been fooled for a very short period of time then suddenly I was awakened to realize the DIRTY plot ,,, the bloody plan ,,,the cunningly portrayed picture which the American administration has drawn to fool the Arabs that they are living in tyranny so go ahead for uprisings and revolutions - yet they do not realize the danger and chaos that such movements will drug them along with killing ,,,,insecurity ,,destruction and ultimately no real change for them ,,no reform ,,,only blood and slaughter ....
WHY has this huge current  come now so suddenly >>>???? crystal clear ,,,it is Israel who is sitting now so quietly watching while  it is the planner ,,,designer ,,, organizer of all this ,, America is the tool ,, the means ,,the right arm of Israel ,,this is the Zionists clever minds working ,, and we Arabs are such fools ,,,so naive,  thinking that America is the salvation ,,, the savior ,,, it is time the Arabs wake up and see the dirty game that American and Israel are playing ,,, but no way ,,,soon thousands of innocent souls are gone for nothing ,,, what reforms have been done in Egypt ..Tunisia ,,, Iraq ,,,NOTHING ,,MORE DESTRUCTION ,,,MORE CHAOS ,,MORE KILLINGS ....WHAT FOOLS ARABS ARE >>>>;
When shall we be able to differentiate between wrong and right , good and bad , true and false ,,, 
Israel and America have been planting POISON inside the young Arab generation by new fashions and trends ,,, corruption and degradation , so you can see millions of young people running after trivial matters mimicking the western trends not realizing that this is only a way to distract them  ,,,a deviation ,,millions are going astray imitating like monkeys ,,,why is it so ??? This is the only way to make this generation fall in dirt and keep them busy of something in order not to be awakened otherwise they will realize the deep stinking pond they are in ,,,, so WHY not use and abuse the rest by giving them a chance to feel that they are heroes saving their countries thus making trouble and chaos and then killing them and getting the PRIZE ,,,whatever resources are there ,,,if is none ,,then at least let the whole Arab Peninsula in chaos so that America & Israel rule over nicely and without any power to fear .  
What amazes me is the tide of revolutionary spirit is still going on though we all have witnessed that there has been no change  ,,no reform ,,, nothing at all in the countries that has revolted ,,,well America is always VICTORIOUS as long as Israel - the BIGGEST MOST INTELLIGENT MINDS is planning .. 
What a  GREAT FOOL the Arab NATION is????

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