Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Are Most of The Arabs Always in Trouble?

Why Are  Most of The Arabs  Always in Trouble ???
Most of the  Arabs are always in trouble because they never agree among themselves about any issue ,,, if you take a family ,, a community ,,, a  society ,,, then go bigger and bigger ,,, and study their relations among themselves ,,, between each of them ,, you will be amazed to see how many  do not get well with each other ,,, in fact they always differ ,,,, disagree and even quarrel with each other ,,,among themselves ,, you rarely find harmony among members of a family or a group ,, there is always envy and jealousy ,,, hypocrisy and disloyalty ,,, betrayal and selfishness ,, these characteristics and others make their work imperfect and even bad ,,, I have worked in muticultural ,,multinational communities ,, in foreign countries with foreign people  and with Arabs,,, it surprised me to see a big gap between the two kinds of officials ,,, this I think is the main reason why the Arabs never advance or progress ,,, because there is no honesty ,, decency ,,loyalty  in their work ,,, selfishness is the most prominent charecteristics of most of them ,,, there is a proverb :
You are ruled by someone who is very much similar to you
This is what I mean by saying we deserve to have bad leaders .. we are not good enough to have patriotic rulers ,,, we have not worked well enough to gain good governments ,,,

When Will This Misery End ????

When Will This Misery End ???

when will this misery of the Arab  countries ,,, the  underdeveloped ,,eastern and Muslim world end????
As long as there is corruption among the leaders ,,governments and administrative authorities ,,, this chaotic unsecured situation will go on and on ... of course - this is for the USA & Israel's favour and interests ,,, Bin Ali ,,,Mubarak ,,, Abdullah Salih ,,, AlAsad ,,, etc ,, are all no more than puppies and puppets  ,,, not in any way better than Saddam Husain ,,, what differs is only the name ,, they are all dictators,, oppressors ,,, unjust rulers who do not know their job nor how to rule ,,all they care for is stealing the countries ' wealth ,,they all came to power not because of their experience  .. great wisdom ; nor of fair election ,,, they snatch  the position fiercely one way or another ,,, the nations have been under tyranny for years but no one can utter a world ,,, I think that these nations deserve such rulers because they keep their mouths shut and they do not ask for their rights ,,,what is happening now in Egypt is the result of too much pressure on the people ,,, if all other nations have done this ,,, then they would have got their rights ,,,
 Howevere, what scare me  now -is that after all this pain the Egyptians will retreat and be defeated by the government ,,, and nothing will change ,, in that case the people will lose their rights ,,,many will be imprisoned and then they will get nowhere ,,, if Mubarak insists on staying and refuses to leave ,,, if the USA & Israel help him stay in power ,, the poor people will be destroyed ,,, Sometimes I think may be the Americans + Israelis have a hand in this in order to achieve a goal which  no one is aware of ,,,who knows what the USA & the Zionist lobby are up to ,,, America and Israel  have their own strategic tactic that no one can predict ,,, their malicious mean plots and conspiracies are always beyond even the wisest and most intelligent brains ,,.
I do hope that he Egyptian people win this battle for their freedom and  to get a decent life ,,, enough of tyranny and oppression ,,,

Tuesday, February 08, 2011



يا رب ساعدني على ان أقول كلمة الحق في وجه الأقوياء
وأن لا أقول الباطل لأكسب تصفيق الضعفاء
وأن أرى الناحيه الأخرى من الصوره
ولا تتركني أتهم خصومي بأنهم خونه لأنهم أختلفوا معي في الرأي
يا رب  أذا أعطيتني مالا فلا تأخذ سعادتي
وأذا أعطيتني قوة فلا تأخذ عقلي
وأذا أعطيتني نجاحا فلا تاخذ تواضعي
وأذا أعطيتني تواضعا فلا تأخذ أعتزازي بكرامتي
يا رب علمني أن أحب الناس كما أحب نفسي
وعلمني أن أحاسب نفسي كما أحاسب الناس
وعلمني أن التسامح هو أكبر مراتب القوة
وأن حب الأنتقام هو أول مظاهر الضعف
يا رب لا تدعني أصاب بالغرور أذا نجحت
ولا باليأس أذا فشلت

بل ذكرني دائما أن الفشل هو التجارب التي تسبق النجاح
يا رب أذا جردتني من المال فاترك لي الأمل
وأذا جردتني من النجاح فأترك لي قوة العناد
حتى أتغلب على الفشل

وأذا جردتني من نعمة الصحه فأترك لي نعمة الأيمان
يا رب أذا أسأت الى الناس فأعطني شجاعة الأعتذار
وأذا أساء الناس لي فأعطني شجاعة العفو
وأذا نسيتك يا رب فأرجو ان لا تنساني من عفوك وحلمك
فأنت العظيم القهار القادر على كل شئ.....

يا رب

دعاءي وحبي

 ولا تنسوني من دعائكم

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