Friday, October 21, 2011

When Your Life Is Stolen 2

When Your Life Is Stolen 

When she joined college , all her goal was to be  a doctor  ,,,since she was small all her teachers told her that she would be a fine doctor because she was so intelligent and hard working ,,,,yet to her disappointment for the first time in her life , she did not get the marks which qualify her for College on Medicine in the capital ,,,her name was enrolled in the north of the country and as she was so young ,,,her father  refused to her go and he told her to change specialization ....because she loves languages ,,she chose English hoping to be a translator ... four years passed and she was so brilliant ,,,as usual the best and the first ,,,all other girls were interested in getting married and choosing partners except her ,,,however , with her name ,, beauty ,,,manners and intelligence so many suitors were around her BUT she never thought of getting married ,,, her elder sisters got married and her father kept urging her to accept one of those suitors who were very legible and in very good positions from fine families and would make excellent husbands ,,, her mother , on the other hand kept refusing saying that she is  still young ,,,so why hurry ,,,she still remember her father telling her once that sentence whose echo is still on her ear :
( Why do not you accept ,,,I want to see your children before I die , dear ??) 
She cried once and asked her father :
Please dad  , am I a burden ,,, why do you want me to get married ,, are you bored of me here?)
( No , dear ,,, this is the life ,,,you must have a family of your own ,,,I am not mortal you know ,,,neither is your mother ,,, we will both die and you will get old ,,,it is simply the nature of life !!) 
Not now ,,dad ,,please ,,
He would leave her but he wished she would accept ,,,
All those who proposed to her were handsome ,,,as a young girl she should be interested in looks ,,,but her mother has planted something in her head ,,,,and she always recalled her mother 's famous sentence :
( A black dog goes ,,,a white dog follows ,,,Why hurry ) 
Deep down in her mind and heart ,,she felt a kind of happiness that men are around her and she is refusing them ,,, some stayed more than a year ,,,they never give up ,,,anyway for her marriage was a cage with a slave ,,that is the wife ,,,this is the picture which her two elder sisters drew to her ,,,she never realized that they were happy in fact ,,living normal marriage life ,,having children ,, having security ,,,having normal life ,,,all she believed is their complaints ,,,she never questioned their credibility ,,,and she went on with her life ,,,she graduated with the degree of honor and she now she thought her dream will come true ,,,she wanted to be a translator ,,,,
To be continued 

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