Friday, October 21, 2011

Brutality of the Arabs

In Islam killing is prohibited and forbidden ,,,the Holy Qur'an  mentions this sentence addressing Israel's nation =
( He who kills a one person is as if he has killed all people ) other words it is not allowed to take a soul whatever happens ,,even if someone killed a close person of yours , you should leave him to the Almighty on judgment day wherein A;;ah ( God ) will be  responsible for giving each person his rights and punish those who hurt others ,,,,however as for those  tyrants and oppressors whether on individuals or nations levels  - their punishment is harder and more severe because the Almighty Allah ( God) is JUST so we are not allowed to take ant person's soul whatever he does ....
What Al-Qaida ,,,the so called Jihadists ,,the extremism ,,,all these sick movements ,,in fact have nothing to do with Islam ,,,religion or humanity ,,,they are in fact political movements undercover ,,,the Wahabis and Salafis  started this movements because they could not state that they are political therefore they claimed that they are Islamic movement in order to carry on their criminal work and they succeeded in Saudi Arabia which sponsored these movements  because  they want to fight the Shia sector ,,,the Saudis are Sunnis and they detest all Shia ...that is the only way out to fight the shia  and thus the USA also helped by nourishing and encouraging Al-Qaida ,,,,all this foul play was because the majority of Iran's population is Shia and as Iran is a threat to Israel then the USA has got the equation right by importing  the violence ,,,first by invading Iraq ... then spreading the infectious disease of killing ,,, violence ,,, enmity and hatred among the illiterates in the Arab world and this is what is happening now...

I NEVER LIKED Saddam Husain ,,,neither Mua'ammer Al-Qadhafi ,,,I wanted them to leave their posts ,,, to let the Iraqis ,, Libyans live in freedom ,,, democracy and decency ,,,no more oppression ,,no more tyranny ,,,no more brutality ,,,BUT I was shocked and honestly I wept when I saw the rope going around Saddam's neck the Eid eve ,,not because I loved the man ,,but because this is not prohibited in Islam ,,, Allah ( God) has given us all our souls and He is the only One who takes our souls ,,,besides it was Eid 's eve and that act was so inhumane , brutal and not right .... though I was unjustified by Saddam being an independent not a Bath party member ,,I was deprived of a;; my rights ,,,still I cried seeing that sight ...because he was a human being ....the same happens now = watching this brutal video took me back to the same moment though I did not like Mua'amer Al-Qadhafi and his policy = in short these two acts proof that the Arabs are barbarians ,,, savages and have criminal minds and souls ,,,It is really so disappointing and sad ,,,All I can say is that with such manners = I believe that the Arabs will NEVER have good future ,,,nor decent life... their destiny will never change as long as they behave in such manners ,,,I hope that I am not causing some people inconvenience especially those who are still acting in gentle manners ,, respect ,, principles and humanity ... Woe to the Arab nation from the coming days .. 

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