Friday, September 23, 2011



Words are small forms uttered in isolation or content to express ideas ,, thoughts ,,, feelings ,,, to communicate with others ,,, humans are the only living beings who can speak and get this gift of using words to express themselves ,,,, however , most people MISUSE this gift by uttering words that hurt other people's  feelings ,,, they say 
a wound heals but a bad word stays in the heart
 and can never be forgotten ,,, how easy it is to utter a word ,,, how difficult it is to receive an insult from a close person especially if you have been so good  to them ,,,I think that some people are mean in their nature and they do not care about others' feeling ...if every person thinks about the others in the same way he thinks of himself  ,,, he would be more considerate and less harsh ,,, no one wants to be insulted or hear bad words  of any kind whatsoever ,,, if you have been good and kind , loving and caring , gentle and polite to all those whom you know or even do not know =  it will be very painful to get bad and mean words ,,,accusations or slander ,,,why does a person make such a thing ???
especially if he knows about the nature of the recipient ,,, such behavior is unforgivable and  unaccepted ,,, hurting people's feeling is so bad and once you utter a bad word ,, you can never go back ,,, there is no remedy because whatever sorry you might be later on ,,it will never heal the deep wound into the other person's heart and feelings,,
WORDS ,, ٍSPEECH SENSE is the best blessing and bliss granted to us by the Almighty Allah and we should realize how this gift can turn into a curse if we do not use it correctly

Oh God Help Me to Keep My Mouth Shut 
Until I Know What am I Talking About 

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