Monday, September 19, 2011

When your life is Stolen !

As far as she is concerned happiness is measured not by time but by events,,,when she was a small girl - her passion for reading and drawing was beyond everything ,,,her best enjoyment was when she indulged herself in the heroes ,, heroins and events in each story ,, poem ,,, novel or even a picture she would see ,,, of course only the good ,, beautiful ,,sensational ones ,,, so by years she developed  a love for art ,, and nature ,,, she would stay hours reading a novel forgetting her lunch  or dinner ,,at times , her father- who was her friend  ,,  would object about her taking her novel in her tiny soft   hand reading while the spoon hang in her  other  hand ,,, ,
How many times I tell you  leave your books when we are at the table dear  little one you hear me ,, the book will not escape can read later,,,,
Yes , father ,, only this paragraph ,,please 
It is not good for your health ,,, your food will not be digested in this way ,,, the brain will not be able to give 
instruction to the stomach while you are busy reading  ??
She would smile at him and carry on her reading ,,, 
At times , her father would take the book gently from her and force her to eat ,,,
She was obsessed ,, haunted by literature ,,, beautiful things fascinate her till now ,,, She would spend a long time sitting in the garden watching the flowers ,, small leaves of trees falling at the grass  ,, or even just looking at the stream of water ,,, drops of rain ,,, hail ,,, heavy rain for her was not a blessing as the farmers say ,,,but a magic ... a picture of beauty ,,, a sacred natural phenomenon ....she was such a sensational child ,,, she would spend hours painting a picture ,,, sewing a dress ,,, working on embroidery ...crochet ,,knitting ,,,or,,,dreaming  of her future ,,, at times she would see herself as a princess ,,, she would look at herself in the mirror when she hears the nice compliments about her beautiful lustrous chestnut hair and wide brown  eyes  ,, angelic lovely innocent beauty ,with her baby face and small figure ,, but it never occurred to her that she was  like other girls who would grow up to marry and have a family ,,, she thought that she was may be a character of Emily Bronte or Charlotte Bronte ,,, may be one of the characters of Shakespere' s sonnets ,,,  la belle dame sans mercy ,,,  the dark lady ,,any beautiful sensational girl in fiction ,,,,
 Keats ,, Shelly ,,Byron ,, Wordsworth  and many have affected her inner soul ,,, when she joined college 
To be continued   

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