Friday, September 09, 2011

Old Beautiful Iraq 2

Whenever I remember life in Baghdad in the past ,,, I cry ,,, literally cry ,,, my heart aches  ... we used to be living in such a peaceful beautiful way that we rarely had any misery ,,grief or sadness ,,, we used to grieve only when we had a death in a family ,,, that was not so often of course- we only were sad to lose a dear person ,,, now every day we are sad ,,, in each house now there is a funeral ... every house has turned into a graveyard ,,, all I can remember during my whole life is the funeral of my father when I was young then my mother ,,, which took about 20 years between each death ,,,,  ,,,????
Do  you know how is it like now  ,,,now we grieve all the time because of the USA invasion ,, its consequences and outcomes ,,,,terror and violence have become the characteristics of our life in new Iraq .. 
We used to have almost everything ,,, we were blessed and bliss  by our beautiful happy  safe secured country and life ,,, I remember how we had beautiful family , friends and acquaintance gathering so often ,,, how happy we were spending nice times and enjoying ourselves ,,,we used to have large gardens in our houses ,,, we spent hours there having parties ,grilling fish -the famous Iraqi fish dish  masgoof ,which we make by putting a fire - like a barbecue  then  we serve it  ,,,eat with laughter ,,,joy and happiness ,, then we have fruits ,,,and other kinds of refreshments the parents and old people stayed chatting and playing the backgammon ,,, dice or cards while watching the TV or listening to the radio whereas , the children play around with their toys or chatting so fondly with each other ,,,we had such beautiful warm time  whether each family by its own or with others ,,, we used to  breath fresh  air ,,,breeze full of flower scents and the beauty of natural scenes made us  healthier and more optimistic ,,,there was  a lot of  pure air with oxygen unlike nowadays  where the air has become full of carbon dioxide from the electrical generators inside the gardens or from  the big public  ones where you can see two or three generators in  one road ,,so the air has become very polluted and poisonous   ,,
We all know that NATURE is a cure and remedy from many diseases ,,,,,, people were more healthy because they lived a simpler  life full of healthy atmosphere ,,, no lack of water nor of any other daily services and requirements ,,, each family could afford to buy new clothes each festival or Eid ,,, new year or special occasions such as birthdays   graduations or invitations to parties ,,, we used to have new clothes from top to toe at the beginning of each school year ,,, we NEVER had CARE or problems ,,,in each house there was one or two  TV sets ,,, A video set ,, few radios,,, transistors ,,, and many tape  recorders ,,, people were interested in reading ,,, almost in each house there was a  library which varies in the size and number of books , journals   ,, references ,,, magazines and newspapers ... I remember when I was very small ,, ,pre-school  age  - my father taught me letters , numbers ,, alphabets in English and Arabic  ,,,time- table in mathematics ,many greeting sentences in English ,, parents dedicated more time to their children than  they do now  .... 
Life in Iraq was so beautiful and peaceful..... 

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