Sunday, September 25, 2011

The North of Iraq ( Kurdistan) Where To Next???

The North of Iraq -- Kurdistan--Where To Next ???

The north of Iraq where the Kurd ,, Turk men and some Arabs live has become a new country called Kurdistan after the invasion of the USA to Iraq ... it is so strange that ever since the invasion no Arab Iraqi is allowed to enter the north unless they have a residency or a certificate issued by the Kurdish authority and an approval of the Kurdish region otherwise they will be stopped and are obliged to go back to where they come from ..... is NOT that outrageous ??? of course , I thought that was some sort of exaggeration until yesterday when  a friend of mine - a university professor visited me ,,, she told me how humiliated she and her family were at each check point and how they held them there until she called a Kurdish person whom they know and after talking to the police guards for quite some time each time they reach a new check point then they were allowed to pass through.... she said that they were delayed  for hours due to this procedure ,,, she told me how Arbeel has turned into a very beautiful city with modern buildings , hotels , malls and best places for entertainments , parks , funfairs and then she added that the instruction there is going on in every inch in the city ...this is very nice and worth hearing ,,
What saddens her is the hostile  treatment of the Kurdish people to them ,,she said we felt as if we are in another country ...a foreign hostile country  ,,,
Actually , I have heard this eight years ago about the bad treatment  of the Arabs by the Kurd yet I did not believe that it will go on ,,,alas things have gone worse now ,,,
My question is this =
Is the north not any more a part of Iraq?
Has the USA invaded Iraq in order to give the Kurdish people their sovereignty BUT  to oppress the Arabs ???
Was it part of the plot to do this because  as every one knows that the Kurdish people were planning to get their own self - governing independence ever since Saddam Husain was in power?? This is OK as long as they respect the Arabs and treat them with more dignity ... not humiliation and contempt ....
BUT it is so crystal clear the plan of Israel and its slave the USA has succeeded in doing so not for the sake of the Kurdish people BUT for their own sake as long as they are getting the oil despite the violation of the Iraqi treaty ,,,because the government in Baghdad has no control on the north anymore ,,,,
For more information to see the agreement between Israel and the Kurdish government , you can simply search the web and you will be astounded to see that more than half a century Israel has promised the Kurdish people their independence on condition that they give the Iraqi oil to them and here we are now ....
A large number of Israelis are buying lands , houses , and settling in the north ,, many Israeli companies are now flourishing their business up north and of course their flag is flying with arrogance there ...
What a pity   Arab  and Turkmen  Iraqis  have been slaughtered and  are being slaughtered every day ,,, whereas others are taking advantage of this ,,,,and helping in this new plot ,,,new oppression ,, new suffering 
So Where will the north of Iraq be ,,,,,What next???

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