Thursday, September 22, 2011

Human Rights ,,,,Where To ??

Human rights ...Where To ...???

In the past , vocabulary such as suffering ,, oppression ,,injustice  ,,abuse  were used so rarely - probably when America was treating the black race  with brutality ,,,using them as slaves ,,, in  other continents the feudal system was   unjust to the farmers ,so were few other systems ,, but as concerns nations ,, peoples ,, on individual level  suffering ,, oppression and injustice were rare words  - life was simple .. human relations were clear ,, fine ,,, honesty and credibility shed each family ,, truth ,, frankness ,, real love covers such relations ,,, if you  survey the literature  , you will find that when individuals violate others' rights ,,,it becomes like a scandal in the mouth of every single person and hence is the difference between the past and present ,,, nowadays  all over the world people's rights are violated every minute whether by the systems of their own governments or by their own societies and even their closest , nearest and dearest ones ... 
Therefore there is an organization for Human Rights  because  the number of those who are abused is increasing every day ,,, men abuse women and children ,, husbands abuse wives ,, brothers abuse sisters ,, parents abuse children ,, bosses abuse employers and so on ,,, 
Why Does any one abuse another person ?? 
there are many reasons most of which are  psychological ,,environmental and social ,,, yet I believe that it  is  mostly personal , mental and because of  lost souls due to the lack of faith and confidence ,,,
What makes a person an abuser ? Is it his lack of  confidence ?? evil mentality??ill manners?? bad bringing ?? or what ?? 
Most cases of personal abuse and injustice have shown all the previous factors ,,,
Finally where do this lead to ,,, Will this ill phenomenon have an end at present ?? 
It is a pity to say that in the present time things are deteriorating concerning this  problem because on the personal  as well as  the public level ,  it  is increasing ; moreover , with greed of the government everywhere - human rights are shrinking more and more ,, 
Prayers for the lost souls to find their way to guidance so that peace and serenity cover our life instead of abuse and oppression ...

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